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By Anna Fifield and Najmeh Bozorgmehr in Tehran Published: May 8 2008 03:46 | Last updated: May 8 2008 03:46 Iranian politicians have become embroiled in a dispute over the foundations of the Islamic republic, centring on what Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the republic’s founder, meant 30 years ago when he talked of “exporting the revolution”.

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Start date: Saturday, December 2, 2006

7 days before.

Report: Tehran protests Clinton's Iran talk Similarity: 0.91

Indian official asked to leave Similarity: 0.41

6 days before.

Iran offered incentives to scrap nuclear programme Similarity: 0.91

In Iraq, two suicide bombings kill 31 Similarity: 0.33

5 days before.

Iran to UK: Don?t cross ?red lines? in atomic offer Similarity: 0.92

4 days before.

Iran vows to resist nuclear pressure Similarity: 0.90

3 days before.

Iran will not bow to Western pressure Similarity: 0.90

Iran: No talks until U.S. stops Iraq attacks Similarity: 0.40

2 days before.

US military chief in overstretch warning on Iran Similarity: 0.91

1 day before.

Iranian opposition removed from UK terror list after court rules against Home Secretary Similarity: 0.61

Iran clerics rebuke Ahmadinejad over 'hidden imam' Similarity: 0.47

Iraq urges Iran, U.S. to hold talks (Reuters) Similarity: 0.44

1 day after.

Big powers say nuclear treaty at risk, cite Iran Similarity: 0.87

2 days after.

Israel will not tolerate nuclear Iran: Olmert (AFP) Similarity: 0.88

3 days after.

Iran looks to tap key oil field with homegrown crews (AP) Similarity: 0.89

Foreign minister: Big powers increase insecurity in Iraq and Afghanistan Similarity: 0.38

4 days after.

Iran tries to develop oil fields on its own Similarity: 0.92

IPL title race goes to final days ... Similarity: 0.34

5 days after.

Iran says reviewing oil output, no decision yet Similarity: 0.90

Iranian news agency signs MoU with APP Similarity: 0.37

Victims say Swiss bank funded Iran terror (AP) Similarity: 0.44

6 days after.

Iran says it foiled attack on Russian consulate Similarity: 0.89

7 days after.

Iran calls UN sanctions illegal, offers a proposal for talks (AP) Similarity: 0.90

Iran: Ahmadinejad Says Israel Is "Dying" Similarity: 0.41


متشددون إيرانيون ينتقدون تصريحات لخاتمي اعتبروها مسيئة للزعيم الروحي خميني Similarity: 0.32


Ministro de Petróleo iraní no descarta que los precios del crudo alcancen los 200 dólares Similarity: 0.36


اعلام بسته پیشنهادی رژیم برای حل مسایل جهانی Similarity: 0.32


La ministre algérienne de la Culture reçue à Téhéran par le président iranien Similarity: 0.34

L'UE et l'AIEA renforceront leur coopération dans l'énergie nucléaire Similarity: 0.31




HASSELT/NEERPELT - 'Verkrachting is arbeidsongeval' Similarity: 0.34


Fyra dödsdömda hängda i Teheran Similarity: 0.40


Tüzmen, İran'dan ayrıldı Similarity: 0.35

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