Tuesday, May 6, 2008

US military chief in overstretch warning on Iran  de  es  fr  it  nl  ar  tr

The commitment of forces in Iraq and Afghanistan by America would make it "a very significant challenge" to go to war on a third front with Iran, the top US military official has said.

telegraph 12:14:00 AM CEST

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Start date: Saturday, December 2, 2006

7 days before.

Russia to examine Iran's nuclear ideas: report Similarity: 0.79

Iran president arrives in India Similarity: 0.47

Iran to host Int'l Islamic Unity Confab Similarity: 0.44

Iran boosts Sri Lankan refinery Similarity: 0.34

Green Zone again under fire Similarity: 0.31

6 days before.

Iran-Europe gas deals anger Washington Similarity: 0.88

New U.S. carrier in Gulf a "reminder" to Iran: Gates Similarity: 0.47

Around the World Similarity: 0.37

Bush says Syria nuclear disclosure intended to prod North Korea and Iran Similarity: 0.36

5 days before.

Report: Tehran protests Clinton's Iran talk Similarity: 0.94

Indian official asked to leave Similarity: 0.41

Police: Car bomb kills at least 9 in Baghdad (AP) Similarity: 0.35

Attacks in Pakistan increasing, U.S. reports Similarity: 0.32

4 days before.

Iran offered incentives to scrap nuclear programme Similarity: 0.90

In Iraq, two suicide bombings kill 31 Similarity: 0.50

3 days before.

Iran to UK: Don?t cross ?red lines? in atomic offer Similarity: 0.95

U.S. rocket strike in Baghdad wounds 20 (Reuters) Similarity: 0.36

2 days before.

Iran vows to resist nuclear pressure Similarity: 0.94

Rafsanjani laments situation in Iraq and Lebanon Similarity: 0.39

Iraq First Lady survives bombing Similarity: 0.32

1 day before.

Iran will not bow to Western pressure Similarity: 0.90

Iran: No talks until U.S. stops Iraq attacks Similarity: 0.60

1 day after.

Iraq urges Iran, U.S. to hold talks (Reuters) Similarity: 0.61

Iran clerics rebuke Ahmadinejad over 'hidden imam' Similarity: 0.44

Iranian opposition removed from UK terror list after court rules against Home Secretary Similarity: 0.59

2 days after.

Baghdad clashes 'kill 17 gunmen' Similarity: 0.31

Khatami speech sparks debate in Iran Similarity: 0.91

3 days after.

Big powers say nuclear treaty at risk, cite Iran Similarity: 0.87

4 days after.

Israel will not tolerate nuclear Iran: Olmert (AFP) Similarity: 0.86

5 days after.

Iran looks to tap key oil field with homegrown crews (AP) Similarity: 0.88

Foreign minister: Big powers increase insecurity in Iraq and Afghanistan Similarity: 0.39

6 days after.

Iran tries to develop oil fields on its own Similarity: 0.89

Iraqi government, al-Sadr group sign cease-fire Similarity: 0.35

IPL title race goes to final days ... Similarity: 0.32

7 days after.

5 Iraqi soldiers die in Mosul roadside bombing Similarity: 0.33

Iran says reviewing oil output, no decision yet Similarity: 0.88

Iranian news agency signs MoU with APP Similarity: 0.37

Victims say Swiss bank funded Iran terror (AP) Similarity: 0.44


متحدث باسم الجيش الأميركي في العراق يقول إن حزب الله اللبناني يدرب مسلحين عراقيين في إيران Similarity: 0.44

الخارجية الاميركية غير متأكدة من تدريب حزب الله مقاتلين عراقيين Similarity: 0.44


Iran verschob Hinrichtung von jungem Mann Similarity: 0.48


Los civiles huyen de Ciudad Sadr, en Bagdad, por los combates Similarity: 0.32


Iran : en dépit des sanctions, les affaires continuent Similarity: 0.59

Les Etats-Unis vont retirer 3.500 soldats d'Irak (armée) Similarity: 0.44


Iran, deve essere impiccato domani: disperato appello di un omicida a 17 anni Similarity: 0.55


[22:33] Delen 'dagboeken van Saddam' gepubliceerd Similarity: 0.32


'İran için Türkiye ile görüşülsün' Similarity: 0.34

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