Saturday, May 3, 2008

U.S. rocket strike in Baghdad wounds 20 (Reuters)  de  es  fr  it  nl  ar  pt  sv

Reuters - The U.S. military fired rockets at a target near a major hospital in eastern Baghdad on Saturday, wounding 20 people and damaging a number of ambulances, the head of the hospital said.

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Keywords: Iraq, United states, Turkey / Kurdistan Workers Party, Al Qaeda / military, iraqi, turkish, killed, baghdad

Start date: Thursday, July 5, 2007

7 days before.

Al-Sadr calls for end to clashes with Iraqi army Similarity: 0.81

Turkey launches raids on N Iraq Similarity: 0.38

Iraqi factions meet for talks in Finland: organisers (AFP) Similarity: 0.37

US soldier cleared of murdering Iraqi Similarity: 0.33

6 days before.

Official: Female suicide bomber kills 3 at checkpoint in Iraq Similarity: 0.83

Iran says attack by US 'unlikely' Similarity: 0.30

5 days before.

Green Zone under attack Similarity: 0.86

Hundreds of Iraq reconstruction projects abandoned (AFP) Similarity: 0.32

4 days before.

Green Zone again under fire Similarity: 0.82

3 days before.

U.S. deaths in Iraq at seven-month high Similarity: 0.84

2 days before.

Police: Car bomb kills at least 9 in Baghdad (AP) Similarity: 0.86

Report: Tehran protests Clinton's Iran talk Similarity: 0.32

1 day before.

In Iraq, two suicide bombings kill 31 Similarity: 0.75

1 day after.

Iraq First Lady survives bombing Similarity: 0.87

Iran vows to resist nuclear pressure Similarity: 0.37

2 days after.

Iran: No talks until U.S. stops Iraq attacks Similarity: 0.78

3 days after.

US military chief in overstretch warning on Iran Similarity: 0.36

3,500 U.S. troops to leave Iraq Similarity: 0.69

4 days after.

Iraq urges Iran, U.S. to hold talks (Reuters) Similarity: 0.81

No US Troop Increase in Afghanistan Without Deeper Cuts in Iraq: Pentagon Similarity: 0.30

5 days after.

Baghdad clashes 'kill 17 gunmen' Similarity: 0.81

6 days after.

Iraqi militant arrest unconfirmed Similarity: 0.70

7 days after.

Iraq, Sadrists strike deal to end Baghdad fighting (AFP) Similarity: 0.80


مقتل ثمانية من عناصر ميليشيا الصدر في مواجهات مع القوات الأميركية في بغداد Similarity: 0.42


Bagdad: US-Rakete schlägt in Krankenhaus ein Similarity: 0.34


Un hospital de Bagdad, afectado por un bombardeo de la aviación de EEUU Similarity: 0.40

Mueren seis personas en ataques contra Al Qaeda en Iraq Similarity: 0.32


Dépêche : BAGDAD (AFP) - Irak: 14 chiites tués à Sadr City, un hôpital endommagé dans un raid US Similarity: 0.45


Iraq: agguato, ucciso un soldato statunitense Similarity: 0.42


Amerikaanse aanval bij ziekenhuis Similarity: 0.40


Oito milicianos xiitas mortos em Sadr City Similarity: 0.49

Iraque: Seis pessoas morrem em ataques e batidas em diferentes pontos do País Similarity: 0.34


USA-general: Bush inkompetent Similarity: 0.30

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