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Protests at Olympic torch rally in Japan  de  es  fr  it  nl  bg  da  pt  sv

Crowds of Chinese students waving red flags scuffled with pro-Tibet protesters in the latest leg of the Olympic torch relay in Japan today.

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

Anti-French rallies across China Similarity: 0.88

I understand torch protesters: Dalai Similarity: 0.48

Typhoon Neoguri hits China's Hainan (AP) Similarity: 0.33

6 days before.

Chinese hold pro-Olympic protests in Europe, US (AFP) Similarity: 0.85

Nepal: Everest pro-Tibet protesters may be shot Similarity: 0.41

5 days before.

Paris plans charm offense on China after protests Similarity: 0.87

CNN apologises to Chinese over host's 'goons and thugs' outburst Similarity: 0.39

U.S. and China Dispute Conclusions About Tainted Heparin Similarity: 0.38

Ireland's McGrane reigns at China Open Similarity: 0.35

China stocks rise on new trading rules (AP) Similarity: 0.32

Nigerians react toward Beijing Olympic Games soccer draws Similarity: 0.32

Tokyo and Seoul vow to co-operate Similarity: 0.32

4 days before.

China calls for halt in 'radical' anti-France demonstrations (AP) Similarity: 0.77

Chinese ambassador expects Olympic torch relay in Sydney complete success Similarity: 0.46

Defying critics, Japanese lawmakers visit war shrine Similarity: 0.32

Dozens attack police in China village Similarity: 0.30

3 days before.

EU adds its voice to diplomatic protest over Tibet Similarity: 0.81

Arrests as Olympic torch arrives in Australia (AFP) Similarity: 0.48

Villager dies in Chinese land row Similarity: 0.32

EU, Japan in climate change call Similarity: 0.30

2 days before.

Big pro-China turnout for Olympic flame in Australia Similarity: 0.86

Acer confident of beating world PC markets Similarity: 0.31

1 day before.

EU welcomes Beijing's Dalai Lama talks offer Similarity: 0.90

Britain upgrades terror assessment for travellers (AFP) Similarity: 0.38

Prosecutors probe Taiwan forex contract Similarity: 0.34

U.S. Marine charged with rape Similarity: 0.33

Beijing bans smoking for Olympics Similarity: 0.31

1 day after.

Tight security at Seoul torch relay Similarity: 0.88

China's island province urged to further reform, open up Similarity: 0.34

2 days after.

Dozens dead in Chinese train crash Similarity: 0.63

China's relief as Olympic Flame finally gets a warm welcome... but only in North Korea Similarity: 0.58

Inflation is good news for Japan Similarity: 0.32

3 days after.

Guilt-free business with Beijing Similarity: 0.77

Olympic torch tours Ho Chi Minh Similarity: 0.48

Security Tight For Torch's Everest Ascent Similarity: 0.41

ANALYSIS-Japan pushes rice as solution to food fears Similarity: 0.54

China to step up monitoring of EV71 virus after fatal outbreak Similarity: 0.30

Survey: U.S.-based companies mostly positive about China prospects Similarity: 0.36

4 days after.

Beijing is close to ready for Olympics amid lingering crisis Similarity: 0.84

Morgan Stanley wins ANA hotels bidding Similarity: 0.39

Cancer, stroke top killers for Chinese Similarity: 0.39

Chinese Authorities Link Train Crash to Olympic Construction Similarity: 0.35

5 days after.

New funds Similarity: 0.83

Hundreds flee after fumes suicide Similarity: 0.34

China probes child slavery scandal Similarity: 0.31

World’s longest sea bridge opens in China Similarity: 0.35

6 days after.

Hong Kong torch relay kicks off Similarity: 0.61

Taiwan manhunt over missing $30m Similarity: 0.75

Deadly virus hits China's children Similarity: 0.38

7 days after.

The Olympic torch hits Macau as China continues to verbally attack the Dalai Lama Similarity: 0.83

China on alert as virus spreads Similarity: 0.39


САЩ предупредиха за засилен риск от тероризъм в Китай Similarity: 0.31


Lama hilser Kinas udspil velkommen Similarity: 0.42


Gesprächsangebot: Dalai Lama nimmt Peking beim Wort Similarity: 0.50

> Sportausschuss-Vorsitzender Danckert attackiert IOC- ... Similarity: 0.31


El Dalai Lama acepta conversaciones con China "si son serias" Similarity: 0.48

Interpol alerta sobre posible atentado terrorista durante las Olimpiadas Similarity: 0.35

El recorrido de la antorcha olímpica por Japón concluye con 5 detenidos Similarity: 0.35


Le dalaï lama veut des discussions "sérieuses" avec la Chine Similarity: 0.44

Fin de parcours chaotique pour la flamme olympique au Japon Similarity: 0.35


Tibet: nuove critiche al Dalai Lama da stampa cinese Similarity: 0.47

Olimpiadi: fiaccola a Nagano, protesta pacifica di Rsf Similarity: 0.44


Dalai Lama verwelkomt aanbod overleg Similarity: 0.47

574 Miljoen mobiele bellers in China Similarity: 0.31


Incidentes na passagem da Tocha pelo Japão Similarity: 0.35

Dalai Lama congratula-se com abertura da China ao diálogo Similarity: 0.49


IOKs ordförande försvarar Kina Similarity: 0.43

OS facklan har nått Japan Similarity: 0.32

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