Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fresh fighting erupts in Iraq  de  es  fr  it  nl  ar  pt

"The coalition forces did conduct an air strike at around 1am [2200GMT Tuesday] in the eastern edge of Hayaniyah after positively identifying an enemy target. The enemy target was an RPG team engaging Iraqi army patrol," he said. US warplanes have carried out several strikes in the area over the past few weeks.

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Start date: Thursday, July 5, 2007

6 days before.

Air raid kills more in Baghdad Similarity: 0.85

Rape scandal hits foreign contractors in Iraq Similarity: 0.31

5 days before.

Mortar fire strikes landmark hotel in central Baghdad Similarity: 0.92

Iran cleric rejects Bush's accusations on Iraq (Reuters) Similarity: 0.32

Des Browne may appeal 'human rights' ruling Similarity: 0.31

4 days before.

Sadr City fighting continues for a seventh day Similarity: 0.85

US staff to start moving into new embassy in weeks (AFP) Similarity: 0.46

Iraqi leaders turn wary of Iran, Petraeus says Similarity: 0.44

3 days before.

US air strike kills two, wounds civilians in Baghdad Similarity: 0.92

Board Grants Amnesty to AP Photographer Similarity: 0.54

2 days before.

Kidnapped Briton freed in Iraq Similarity: 0.92

US military to free AP photographer (AP) Similarity: 0.43

1 day before.

Iraq car bombs kill 50 civilians Similarity: 0.88

Huge, delayed U.S. embassy ready in Iraq Similarity: 0.47

1 day after.

Suicide bomber strikes Iraq funeral Similarity: 0.85

US forces release Iraqi photographer after two years without charge Similarity: 0.49

2 days after.

Zawahri: 'Iraq war a failure' Similarity: 0.90

3 days after.

Al-Sadr threatens 'war' if attacks continue Similarity: 0.91

4 days after.

Moqtada al-Sadr threatens 'open war' in Iraq Similarity: 0.89

20 killed in Baghdad clashes - US Similarity: 0.36

5 days after.

US urges Arab support for Iraq Similarity: 0.85

6 days after.

Iraq PM seeks neighbours' support Similarity: 0.93

Al-Qaida No. 2 says 9/11 theory propogated by Iran (AP) Similarity: 0.40

7 days after.

Civilian casualties mount in Iraq as Shiite clashes spread Similarity: 0.89

Al Qaeda No. 2 says attacks on West in works Similarity: 0.40


مفخخة وسط بغداد توقع ضحايا وقتلى بعقوبة 40 شخصا Similarity: 0.34


Desertionen bei Kämpfen in Bagdad Maliki: "Alles unter Kontrolle" Similarity: 0.46


Liberan al fotógrafo de AP detenido por EEUU desde hace más de dos años en Irak Similarity: 0.47


Ramadi, Baaqouba, Bagdad, Mossoul : une vague d’attentats ensanglante l’Irak Similarity: 0.40

IRAK Similarity: 0.40




Iraakse premier spreekt bij EU Similarity: 0.43

Topcommandanten in Basra vervangen Similarity: 0.33


Acordo energético entre UE e Iraque prestes a ser assinado Similarity: 0.37

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