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Mohammed and his sister Maysa are Palestinians but they have no passports and no identity cards. They are not even given the status of refugees. Legally, they don't seem to exist at all. They are among about 3,000 so-called "non-ID" Palestinians in Lebanon.

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This cluster belong to the following story: Abbas suspends peace talks with Israel

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Start date: Saturday, April 21, 2007

7 days before.

Jerusalem talks focus on security Similarity: 0.88

6 days before.

Rice seeks Mideast peace progress by Bush May trip (Reuters) Similarity: 0.93

Hezbollah rockets can hit Dimona Similarity: 0.34

Secret tunnel unearths new Jerusalem conflict (AFP) Similarity: 0.33

5 days before.

Barenboim to lead concert for peace in Jerusalem Similarity: 0.93

Israel seeking peace talks with Syria - minister Similarity: 0.40

4 days before.

US makes new Mid-East peace bid Similarity: 0.92

3 days before.

Israel to Move 50 Roadblocks in West Bank Similarity: 0.92

Hamas holds Abbas fully responsible for aborting Yemeni initiative Similarity: 0.42

Arab summit closes without Lebanon breakthrough Similarity: 0.33

Israel scoffs at UNIFIL's calls to withdraw from Ghajar Similarity: 0.30

2 days before.

Pledge to remove 50 West Bank roadblocks Similarity: 0.88

Syrian President Assad to follow up Palestinian dialogue Similarity: 0.44

1 day before.

George Bush murdered on Hamas puppet show Similarity: 0.91

Egyptian authorities block 40 European MPs from reaching Rafah Similarity: 0.42

1 day after.

Fenced in Similarity: 0.87

2 days after.

Gaza gunman shoots Israeli aide Similarity: 0.89

3 days after.

Al Aqsa militants break out of West Bank prison Similarity: 0.93

Passover bread ruling fuels religious tensions in Israel Similarity: 0.43

4 days after.

Hamas won't free Israel soldier without prisoner release: report Similarity: 0.93

Israel in emergency drill Similarity: 0.39

5 days after.

Hamas: No Shalit without exchange Similarity: 0.88

6 days after.

Israel troops kill Gaza militant Similarity: 0.93

Endorsement for McCain turns into a millstone Similarity: 0.32


منظمة الصحة العالمية : مرضى غزة يموتون في مآس يمكن تفاديها Similarity: 0.37


Israel baut weitere Häuser im Westjordanland Similarity: 0.43


L’OMS interpelle Israël sur le cas des patient gazaouis morts en attendant un permis de passage Similarity: 0.60


Líder do Hamas oferece trégua a Israel, diz jornal Similarity: 0.54

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