Monday, March 31, 2008

Olympic torch re-lit in Tiananmen Square  de  es  fr  it  nl  bg  da  pt  ru  sl  sv  tr

Hu's participation shows the importance China place on the Olympics, which start August 8, to show a confident, strong China to the world. The ceremony on Monday 130 days before the start of the Olympics was broadcast on state television, and comes a week after the lighting ceremony for the Olympic torch in Greece was marred by protests.

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

The Beijing 2008 Olympic torch was lit in ancient Olympia in Greece, in spite of Pro-Tibet demonstrators who tried to hijack the ceremony Similarity: 0.94

6 days before.

Anti-China protesters disrupt Olympic torch-lighting ceremony Similarity: 0.88

Chinese official: Start-ups market no threat to main board Similarity: 0.37

Protest disrupts Olympic ceremony Similarity: 0.35

China seeks to ease fuel-supply concerns Similarity: 0.35

5 days before.

News quiz: Wacky Wednesday Similarity: 0.85

Planes move to new terminal of Beijing airport Similarity: 0.37

Malawi president officially opens embassy in China Similarity: 0.35

4 days before.

Video: Chinese views on Tibet Similarity: 0.78

EU should press for end to Taiwan's isolation, say MEPs Similarity: 0.42

Cheerers and jeerers wait for Olympic torch route in San Francisco Similarity: 0.42

3 days before.

Reporters taken on official Lhasa visit Similarity: 0.83

2 days before.

Beijing to help victims of Tibet clashes Similarity: 0.83

Beijing torch reaches Acropolis (AP) Similarity: 0.64

1 day before.

High security along Olympic torch route Similarity: 0.95

Public split over China trade deal Similarity: 0.39

1 day after.

Bush urged to skip Olympics opening Similarity: 0.90

India footballer in Tibet protest Similarity: 0.33

2 days after.

Tibet, trade on agenda as US treasury chief arrives in China (AFP) Similarity: 0.81

Athletes safe in Beijing air for up to an hour: IOC (Reuters) Similarity: 0.39

For India, Tibet Poses Some Delicate Issues Similarity: 0.42

Hong Kong to Deny Entry to Some Protesters During Summer Olympics Similarity: 0.32

3 days after.

Human rights activist jailed in China Similarity: 0.82

China okays production of human bird flu vaccine Similarity: 0.33

4 days after.

Chinese police shoot eight Tibet protestors Similarity: 0.86

Hu set to welcome 10 state leaders Similarity: 0.37

5 days after.

8 killed in new violence in Tibet, activists say Similarity: 0.85

China Eastern pilots may face punishment for flight disruptions Similarity: 0.36

6 days after.

Protesters disrupt London Olympic torch relay Similarity: 0.85

Chinese leaders plant trees Similarity: 0.47

China Eastern pilots may face punishment for flight disruptions Similarity: 0.39

Police raid Beijing nightlife district: state media Similarity: 0.46

7 days after.

China hits out at Olympics protests Similarity: 0.84

China signs trade pact with New Zealand Similarity: 0.40

China Eastern Airlines admits pilots' deliberately return on 21 flights Similarity: 0.30


Олимпийският огън пристигна в Китай Similarity: 0.41

Нови протести на тибетците в Непал Similarity: 0.30


Stewardesse-sag afgjort Similarity: 0.41

Danfoss ansætter i Kina Similarity: 0.31


Weltweit Demonstrationen: China macht Druck Similarity: 0.47


La llama olímpica llega a Pekín rodeada de grandes medidas de seguridad Similarity: 0.56


Le président chinois donne le départ du parcours de la flamme olympique Similarity: 0.74

Ecartant le boycottage des JO, l'UE appelle Pékin à dialoguer avec le dalaï-lama Similarity: 0.48

Le Cnoss graisse les athlètes Similarity: 0.32


Hu Jintao accende la torcia olimpica Similarity: 0.48


Olympische vlam komt aan in Peking Similarity: 0.48

Alfacam stelt teleur Similarity: 0.36


Chama olímpica chega à China Similarity: 0.48


В Пекине дан старт эстафете Олимпийского огня Similarity: 0.42

Пекин осудил резолюцию ЕС по ситуации в Тибете Similarity: 0.44

Китай готовится к встрече факела Олимпиады Similarity: 0.40


Kitajska očita EU vmešavanje v notranje zadeve Similarity: 0.31


05:04 OS-facklan anlände till Peking Similarity: 0.44


Olimpiyat meşalesi Pekin'de Similarity: 0.40

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