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A small group of foreign and Chinese reporters has been allowed into the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, on a visit tightly supervised by the Chinese authorities. They are the first to be allowed back into Tibet since reporters were expelled in the aftermath of the anti-Chinese protests.

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

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High security along Olympic torch route Similarity: 0.88

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Public split over China trade deal Similarity: 0.41

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Tibet, trade on agenda as US treasury chief arrives in China (AFP) Similarity: 0.88

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For India, Tibet Poses Some Delicate Issues Similarity: 0.43

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Human rights activist jailed in China Similarity: 0.88

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China okays production of human bird flu vaccine Similarity: 0.34

7 days after.

Chinese police shoot eight Tibet protestors Similarity: 0.92

Hu set to welcome 10 state leaders Similarity: 0.39


Далай лама отново призова Китай за подновяване на диалога Similarity: 0.30


Kina lader diplomater komme ind i Tibet Similarity: 0.38

Kvinde skal igen styre Trapholt Similarity: 0.30

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EU-Außenminister beraten zu Tibetkrise und Balkan Similarity: 0.36


La llamada al boicot a Pekín se extiende a Occidente Similarity: 0.49

España rechaza boicotear los Juegos de Pekín 2008 Similarity: 0.42


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Deux agents des services de renseignements pakistanais abattus à Karachi Similarity: 0.31


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Cina: esplosione in miniera illegale, 9 vittime Similarity: 0.32


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Аэрофлот получил статус официального перевозчика Олимпиады-2008 Similarity: 0.31

Иностранные журналисты посетили священный дворец Поталы Similarity: 0.30

Далай-лама обвинил государственные СМИ КНР во лжи Similarity: 0.32


Pozivi k dialogu glede Tibeta Similarity: 0.31

Tuji diplomati na Tibet Similarity: 0.32


"Munkar kommer inte att straffas" Similarity: 0.39

fler nyhetsfrågor Similarity: 0.31


Üç bin yıllık iç giyim geleneği Similarity: 0.35

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