Monday, March 24, 2008

The Beijing 2008 Olympic torch was lit in ancient Olympia in Greece, in spite of Pro-Tibet demonstrators who tried to hijack the ceremony  de  es  fr  it  nl  ar  bg  da  pt  sv  tr

Beijing Olympics torch lit amid protests By Geoff Dyer in Shanghai and Richard McGregor in Beijing Published: March 24 2008 12:59 | Last updated: March 24 2008 12:59 The risk that the Beijing Olympics could become a public relations disaster for the Chinese government was underlined on Monday when....

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

Tibet's struggle under Chinese rule Similarity: 0.82

IOC harbors doubts over Beijing conditions Similarity: 0.39

6 days before.

China premier accuses Dalai Lama Similarity: 0.77

Beijing air quality not to harm health of athletes, says IOC Similarity: 0.45

China dissident pleads not guilty Similarity: 0.35

5 days before.

West’s perception of Tibet angers Beijing Similarity: 0.80

PetroChina's net profit up 2.4% in 2007 Similarity: 0.33

4 days before.

Police 'shot at Tibet protesters' Similarity: 0.76

China publishes "blacklist" of video Web sites (Reuters) Similarity: 0.42

Chinese insurer Ping An reports 2007 net profit more than doubles Similarity: 0.31

3 days before.

Pelosi calls on nations to protest China's hold on Tibet Similarity: 0.80

Interactive: Olympic Torch relay route Similarity: 0.54

China to continue playing constructive role in Doha Round Similarity: 0.31

2 days before.

Presidential poll gets underway in Taiwan Similarity: 0.80

China hit by a dozen earthquakes Similarity: 0.33

1 day before.

EU to consider Beijing Olympics boycott Similarity: 0.85

1 day after.

Anti-China protesters disrupt Olympic torch-lighting ceremony Similarity: 0.89

China seeks to ease fuel-supply concerns Similarity: 0.33

Chinese official: Start-ups market no threat to main board Similarity: 0.35

2 days after.

News quiz: Wacky Wednesday Similarity: 0.83

Planes move to new terminal of Beijing airport Similarity: 0.34

Washington does not know of Ma's plan to visit U.S. Similarity: 0.36

Malawi president officially opens embassy in China Similarity: 0.32

Olympic flame crosses Greece Similarity: 0.31

3 days after.

Video: Chinese views on Tibet Similarity: 0.75

EU should press for end to Taiwan's isolation, say MEPs Similarity: 0.47

Cheerers and jeerers wait for Olympic torch route in San Francisco Similarity: 0.41

4 days after.

Reporters taken on official Lhasa visit Similarity: 0.80

5 days after.

Beijing to help victims of Tibet clashes Similarity: 0.81

Beijing torch reaches Acropolis (AP) Similarity: 0.68

6 days after.

High security along Olympic torch route Similarity: 0.93

Public split over China trade deal Similarity: 0.35

7 days after.

Olympic torch re-lit in Tiananmen Square Similarity: 0.94

UN: Nepal arrests 'violate human rights' Similarity: 0.35

Beijing aims to cut down smoking for Olympics Similarity: 0.41


بكين تهاجم الدالاي لاما وتؤكد أن "عصابته ستهزم" Similarity: 0.40


Днес палят олимпийския огън Similarity: 0.35


Olympisk ild tændt under ny uro Similarity: 0.37

24 års fængsel for at spionere for Kina Similarity: 0.31

Tibet-demonstranter overgiver sig Similarity: 0.34

Kinesisk dissident fængslet før OL Similarity: 0.31


Olympische Sommerspiele in Peking: Die Flamme ist entzündet Similarity: 0.43

Trotz Truppenaufmarschs Proteste in tibetischen Gebieten Similarity: 0.30

Fünf Jahre Haft für chinesischen Bürgerrechtler Similarity: 0.30


La llama olímpica inicia su polémico viaje hacia Pekín Similarity: 0.51

Mango intensifica su presencia en China de cara a las olimpiadas Similarity: 0.34

Tibetanos en exilio hablan de 135 muertos y 500 heridos en protesta Similarity: 0.33


L'allumage de la flamme perturbé Similarity: 0.65

Les Français veulent un boycott politique des JO de Pékin Similarity: 0.43

Evènements sportifs - Chine: 5 ans de prison pour l'auteur du slogan "Des droits, pas les ... Similarity: 0.43

Bernard: "Boycotter la cérémonie d'ouverture, un signe fort" Similarity: 0.42

Evènements sportifs/JO-2008 - Rogge: il n'y a pas "d'élan" pour un boycott Similarity: 0.42

Le Pape baptise un pourfendeur de l'islam Similarity: 0.38

Sarkozy adresse ses réserves à la Chine Similarity: 0.38

RSF mènera des actions jusqu'à l'ouverture des JO Similarity: 0.37


Grecia, contestazione anti-Pechino Similarity: 0.46

Tibet: Sarkozy a Cina, moderazione Similarity: 0.34


Ontsteken van vlam in teken van Tibet Similarity: 0.45

'Amnesty moet niet liegen' Similarity: 0.34

Vijf jaar cel voor bedenker slogan "Rechten, geen Olympische Spelen" Similarity: 0.36

Duitsers wijzen boycot Spelen af Similarity: 0.30

Tibetaanse regering bevestigt dood 130 Tibetanen na Chinese repressie Similarity: 0.34


Como manda a tradição, a chama olímpica foi hoje ateada em Olímpia na Grécia Similarity: 0.47

Homens tentam interromper discurso na cerimônia de acendimento da chama olimpíca (24/03/08-06h39) Similarity: 0.33


Protest mot OS-eldceremoni Similarity: 0.39

Oppositionen vann Similarity: 0.32


Meşalesiz protesto Similarity: 0.31

Olimpiyat meşalesi yakıldı Similarity: 0.42

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