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Drone strike kills 14 in Pakistan  de  fr  it  ar  bg  da  pt  sl  tr

At least fourteen people were killed in a remote Pakistani region along the Afghan border in a missile strike on Sunday believed to have been carried out by a pilotless drone operated by the CIA. Pakistani officials said more than half the victims were Arabs who were meeting at the home of a Pakistani sympathiser when they were attacked.

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Start date: Saturday, June 23, 2007

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Pakistan awaits naming of new PM Similarity: 0.79

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Multanis celebrate Gillani’s nomination Similarity: 0.36

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New Pakistani PM challenges Musharraf with order to release judges Similarity: 0.74

Militants blow up 36 tankers in Pakistan Similarity: 0.40


مشرف يقاطع أولي جلسات البرلمان الباكستاني Similarity: 0.36


Започна първото пакистанско заседание на Националното събрание Similarity: 0.31


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Paquistão: Parlamento realiza primeira sessão Similarity: 0.50


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Pakistan'da ölen Türk kadın insani yardım gönüllüsü Similarity: 0.37

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