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BEIJING, China (AP) -- The Beijing Olympics, rising inflation and a plan to streamline the central government were expected to dominate Monday's opening of China's legislative season. More than 2,200 members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the legislature's top....

cnn 10:08:00 AM CET

This cluster belong to the following story: Taiwan’s nationalists win by landslide

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

China acknowledges 45% rise in Aids cases last year Similarity: 0.95

6 days before.

Q&A: Investing in Chinese equities Similarity: 0.92

NZ, China to sign free trade deal (AP) Similarity: 0.45

Tibetans fear for man sent back to China from Nepal (AFP) Similarity: 0.37

Chinese woman dies of bird flu (AP) Similarity: 0.33

5 days before.

Rice wins China's help on N. Korea Similarity: 0.91

China shocked but hopeful about injured Yao Similarity: 0.36

4 days before.

Nigerian leader meets Hu as China continues Africa courtship (AFP) Similarity: 0.89

3 days before.

Across a Nation, Olympic Fervor Similarity: 0.92

2 days before.

U.S. urges transparency in China military strategy Similarity: 0.94

Chinese music groups file suit against Baidu Similarity: 0.46

1 day before.

Chinese table tennis stars shine ahead of Games Similarity: 0.94

Ma accuses Frank Hsieh of playing the ethnic card Similarity: 0.37

1 day after.

China rejects claims it is trying to crack U.S. computers, buy nukes Similarity: 0.93

Sewage plant explosion in Beijing kills three Similarity: 0.38

Hu Jintao: "Taiwan independence" activities doomed to fail Similarity: 0.45

2 days after.

Wen vows to fight China's inflation Similarity: 0.87

China: 8 disabled children die in fire (AP) Similarity: 0.34

3 days after.

China brings in price controls to help poor Similarity: 0.93

Olympic village unveiled Similarity: 0.38

4 days after.

Like nothing else on earth Similarity: 0.92

Bjork Tibet Cry: Blacklisting May Follow Similarity: 0.43

5 days after.

Chinese threat after Björk's 'Tibet!' chant Similarity: 0.90

China frees rights lawyer, may try dissident Similarity: 0.42

China's latest crackdown: The liquid lunch Similarity: 0.32

China gives nod to 5th batch of stock funds to boost stock market Similarity: 0.48

China launching center says it's getting prepared for Shenzhou VII Similarity: 0.45

6 days after.

China thwarts Olympic terror plot Similarity: 0.88

Beijing Police Release Dissident Lawyer Two Days After His Disappearance Similarity: 0.44

7 days after.

Fog lingers over Olympic clean-up Similarity: 0.93


Tischtennis: Eine Hoffnung namens Boll Similarity: 0.35

Tibet-Protestsong: Björk provoziert in China Similarity: 0.34


Bjork se manifiesta a favor de la independencia del Tibet Similarity: 0.36

Hospitales chinos esperan avalancha de cesáreas programadas el 8 de agosto Similarity: 0.38


Asie Auto va vendre le premier 4×4 chinois en France Similarity: 0.47


Klacht EU over beperking financieel nieuws China Similarity: 0.47

Barroso: China is geen dreiging, maar een kans Similarity: 0.31


EUA apresentam queixa contra a China na OMC (03/03/08-17h22) Similarity: 0.44

Durão Barroso alerta para aumento das pressões proteccionistas na UE Similarity: 0.30


Евросоюз пожаловался в ВТО на ограничения зарубежных СМИ в Китае Similarity: 0.33


Kinesiska mödrar kräver utredning om studentmassakern Similarity: 0.31

Kinaledare vill utnyttja religionen Similarity: 0.35


Pentagon'un Çin ordusu raporu Similarity: 0.36

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