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Iraq Oil Sector Iraq is home to the world's third largest oil reserves, and it's among the cheapest oil to produce. This natural resource has been hugely neglected over the years, and with about 45 billion to 110 billion barrels still undiscovered, it is no wonder that major oil companies like Shell, BP, and Total are all queuing up at Iraq's door.

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This cluster belong to the following story: US troop withdrawal on track, says Bush

Keywords: Iraq, United states, Turkey / Kurdistan Workers Party, Al Qaeda / turkish, military, iraqi, pkk, ankara, killed

Start date: Thursday, July 5, 2007

7 days before.

Two CBS journalists kidnapped in Iraq Similarity: 0.89

Miliband: UK has moral duty to intervene Similarity: 0.33

6 days before.

CBS journalists kidnapped by gang of masked men in Basra Similarity: 0.86

5 days before.

Kidnapped British journalist to be freed Thursday: Shiite militia (AFP) Similarity: 0.84

Iran President Ahmadinejad To Visit Baghdad Similarity: 0.47

U.S. extends sanctions against Syria, says it subverts Iraq efforts Similarity: 0.35

4 days before.

U.S. to 'Pause' Troop Drawdown in Iraq Similarity: 0.87

3 days before.

UN posts refugee official in Baghdad (AP) Similarity: 0.81

2 days before.

Police: Woman blows up Baghdad store after officers ask her to stop Similarity: 0.87

1 day before.

Admiral: Al Qaeda in Iraq killing ex-allies Similarity: 0.93

Secret note shows spin doctors role in WMD 'dodgy' dossier Similarity: 0.53

1 day after.

Al-Sadr Threatens to End Cease-Fire Similarity: 0.81

Iraq War Veteran Charged With Baby Rape Similarity: 0.44

Australia says job is done for soldiers in Iraq Similarity: 0.30

2 days after.

Turkish artillery fires into Iraqi Kurdistan (AFP) Similarity: 0.40

Iraq waits on word from al-Sadr (AP) Similarity: 0.75

No Evidence of Down Syndrome in 2 Suicide Bombers, Files Show Similarity: 0.48

3 days after.

Turkey launches incursion into Iraq Similarity: 0.44

Mahdi Army ceasefire ruling awaited Similarity: 0.69

UK troops accused of Iraq 'executions' Similarity: 0.53

U.S. seeks Australian commitment to defense ties (Reuters) Similarity: 0.35

Immense and untapped: Iraq's oil Similarity: 0.64

Oil price falls to $98 on stockpiles risk Similarity: 0.33

4 days after.

Iraq: Turkish offensive won't halt Kurd rebels Similarity: 0.40

Iraqi cleric extends ceasefire Similarity: 0.68

Iraq's oil exports through Turkey won't be halted, oil offic Similarity: 0.47

5 days after.

Kurdish PKK guerrillas say Turkish helicopter shot down Similarity: 0.44

Suicide bombing in Iraq kills 40 Similarity: 0.71

6 days after.

Fighting in northern Iraq enters fifth day Similarity: 0.82

US troops detain Shiite news editor (AP) Similarity: 0.40

7 days after.

Iraq condemns Turkish incursion Similarity: 0.82

Government may appeal release order Similarity: 0.42


وزير نفت عراق: خبر برداشت غير قانوني ايران از ميدان نفتي مجنون نادرست است كميسيون دوجانبه براي سرمايه‌گذاري در ميادين مشترك ايجاد مي‌شود Similarity: 0.35


Quinze policiers irakiens tués en désamorçant des roquettes (Reuters) Similarity: 0.37

Une famille luttant contre Al-Qaeda assassinée au nord de Bagdad Similarity: 0.33


Iraq:esplode camion-bomba a Baghdad Similarity: 0.45


Explosie doodt vijftien Iraakse agenten Similarity: 0.35


Ataque com morteiros mata 5 em Bagdá Similarity: 0.43


Poliser dog när raketer exploderade Similarity: 0.36

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