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Iran President Ahmadinejad To Visit Baghdad  de  fr  it  nl  da  pt  sv

"Other issues such as oil wells, border demarcation and the Shatt al Arab waterway will be left to the Iraqi technical delegation to discuss in Tehran." The visit will be diplomatically delicate - post-Saddam Iraq is the key US ally in the region while Mr Ahmadinejad rails against American influence.

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Start date: Saturday, December 2, 2006

7 days before.

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1 day before.

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3 days after.

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This week on MME Similarity: 0.47

6 days after.

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Iran-ambassadør nægter beklagelse Similarity: 0.31

Irans præsident besøger Irak Similarity: 0.38


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Il presidente iraniano Ahmadinejad il 2 marzo a Bagdad Similarity: 0.39

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Presidente iraniano visita o Iraque dia 2 de Março Similarity: 0.36


Iran provkör avancerad urancentrifug Similarity: 0.39

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