Friday, February 8, 2008

Reporters Without Borders Holding Demonstration to Protest Free Speech Curbs in China  fr  nl  da  es  pt  ru

The demonstrations come six months ahead of the opening on August 8 of the Olympic games in Beijing. China had promised to improve its human rights conditions ahead of the games. Reporters Without Borders, or RSF, is one of a number of human rights groups who fear this is not the case.

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7 days before.

China relaxes loan curbs amid blizzards Similarity: 0.87

Singh visits remote state contested by China Similarity: 0.40

6 days before.

Leaders join snow effort Similarity: 0.85

Chinese food alert after poisonings Similarity: 0.42

Taiwan president visits disputed island (AP) Similarity: 0.41

5 days before.

Coal price debate at root of power shortage Similarity: 0.82

Philippines protests Taiwan president's Spratlys trip Similarity: 0.37

4 days before.

Editorial Comment: When a slowdown is welcome Similarity: 0.88

China learns its lessons Similarity: 0.41

Dodgy dumplings spur share price quiz Similarity: 0.35

3 days before.

Anglo in deal with China’s CDB Similarity: 0.87

BHP raises Rio Tinto bid to £70bn Similarity: 0.31

2 days before.

Asian markets stumble on US doubts Similarity: 0.87

Rats! It could be a tough year Similarity: 0.45

Companies indicted in tainted pet food scandal Similarity: 0.32

1 day before.

China celebrates the year of the rat Similarity: 0.86

Companies in pet food scandal are indicted in the U.S. Similarity: 0.41

1 day after.

Behind the Great Firewall of China Similarity: 0.87

2 days after.

Pilot navigates China Similarity: 0.90

First taste of Japanese wine Similarity: 0.33

3 days after.

Holiday misery for Chinese workers Similarity: 0.77

Olympic gag row leads to review Similarity: 0.57

More snow looms for China amid transport crunch Similarity: 0.52

4 days after.

Taiwan to investigate US spying case Similarity: 0.80

At least 14 dead in China bus crash Similarity: 0.45

5 days after.

Spielberg boycotts Olympics Similarity: 0.72

Year of the Rat causes a run on hamsters Similarity: 0.32

Taiwan Seeks Info on Spy Damamge Similarity: 0.50

Russia and China urge ban on space weapons Similarity: 0.43

6 days after.

China feels heat as activists follow Spielberg Similarity: 0.74

China promises $1 billion in snow aid (AP) Similarity: 0.48

7 days after.

Taiwan to investigate US spying case Similarity: 0.84


Kineserne har fået bedre manerer Similarity: 0.43


China felicita el Año de la Rata con 17.000 millones de mensajes Similarity: 0.38

Valderas dice que la 'pinza' es un "cuento chino" de Chaves, que "ve que pierde la mayoría absoluta" Similarity: 0.31


Vin : les premières bouteilles "made in China" en vente en France Similarity: 0.42


[02:47] 25 tips achtergelaten Chinese jongen Similarity: 0.31


A nova Pequim dos Olímpicos Similarity: 0.44

JO: Blatter pede aos clubes para que libertem os jogadores Similarity: 0.35


В Англии не сочли безумной идею проведения "гастрольных" матчей Similarity: 0.30

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