Thursday, February 7, 2008

France says Iranian "rocket" cannot work in space (Reuters)  de  fr  ar  da  it  ru

Reuters - France said on Thursday an Iranian rocket Tehran says is intended to put a satellite into orbit is in fact a missile that cannot navigate in space, and added to concerns that the technology is aimed at making weapons.

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7 days before.

Iran to limit execution in public Similarity: 0.83

6 days before.

Rice offers conciliatory message to Iran Similarity: 0.85

5 days before.

Iranian FM: US should 'be honest' (AP) Similarity: 0.85

Egyptian speaker welcomes ties with Iran Similarity: 0.36

4 days before.

A frail economy raises pressure on Iran's rulers Similarity: 0.85

Iran announces new gas field in Gulf off Iran Similarity: 0.40

3 days before.

Iranians inaugurate space project Similarity: 0.89

2 days before.

Editorial Comment: Space shot targets citizens Similarity: 0.92

1 day before.

Top intelligence official revives Iran doubts Similarity: 0.88

Iran bars grandson of Khomeini from election Similarity: 0.44

1 day after.

Iran starts second atomic power plant: report (Reuters) Similarity: 0.85

Khatami calls Iran poll disqualifications a ‘disaster’ Similarity: 0.32

2 days after.

Iran envoy defends amputation Similarity: 0.86

Guardian Council received 3,000 complaints Similarity: 0.42

3 days after.

Tehran makes slow progress in assets sale Similarity: 0.85

Khomeini's Grandson Speaks Out on Iran Military Similarity: 0.41

4 days after.

Iran parades captured British boat Similarity: 0.87

5 days after.

Iran defiant on anniversary of revolution Similarity: 0.86

6 days after.

Diplomats: Iran Processes Uranium Gas Similarity: 0.83

7 days after.

Iran President Ahmadinejad To Visit Baghdad Similarity: 0.79

Election fever in Iran Similarity: 0.40


أنباء عن منع حفيد الخميني من ترشيحه نفسه للانتخابات البرلمانية Similarity: 0.30


EU kritiserer dødsdomme i Iran Similarity: 0.36


Iran testet neuen Zentrifugen-Typ in Natanz Similarity: 0.41


Un nouveau modèle de centrifugeuse à l'essai en Iran Similarity: 0.40


IRAN - Teheran: erano 909 i candidati riformisti, sono rimasti in 138 Similarity: 0.37


Россию стали тревожить ядерные успехи Ирана Similarity: 0.34

У Ирана нашли центрифуги для обогащения урана нового поколения Similarity: 0.30

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