Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Al Qaeda 'training video' released showing pre-teens learning killing techniques  de  es  fr  it  pt

Al Qaeda is training boys as young as 10 to carry out kidnappings, assassinations and suicide bombings against civilians in Iraq, the US military has claimed. Officials in Baghdad released a video seized during a raid on a suspected Al Qaeda safe-house which showed the children apparently undergoing training.

dailymail 7:15:00 PM CET

7 days before.

Football: MP lobbies home secretary to bring Iraqi to Eastlands Similarity: 0.86

Bush Touts Iraq Progress, Economic Plan Similarity: 0.32

6 days before.

Violence flares in Baghdad and Basra Similarity: 0.82

Report: Army suicides up 20 percent in 2007 Similarity: 0.32

5 days before.

Baghdad market bombs kill 64 Similarity: 0.79

Troops accused of "off-the-scale" Iraq abuse Similarity: 0.35

4 days before.

Bombs strapped to Down's syndrome women kill scores in Baghdad markets Similarity: 0.84

3 days before.

Iraqi Baath law comes into effect Similarity: 0.89

US Qaeda strategy seen as fatally flawed Similarity: 0.37

2 days before.

US admits killing Iraqi civilians Similarity: 0.87

Turkish warplanes hit Kurdish rebel sites in Iraq Similarity: 0.36

1 day before.

Couple, son killed during U.S. raid in Iraq Similarity: 0.83

US may not meet Iraq refugee goal (AP) Similarity: 0.43

Prince Andrew rebukes US over Iraq war Similarity: 0.42

Terror suspects given waterboarding named Similarity: 0.30

1 day after.

Boys 'train for al-Qaeda' in video Similarity: 0.85

2 days after.

U.S. should not provoke Iraq militia: report (Reuters) Similarity: 0.85

3 days after.

Al Qaeda captain, 5 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq Similarity: 0.85

Iraq Murder Trial Opens for Army Sniper Similarity: 0.30

Iraq Sunni Arabs dispute decision to rejoin govt Similarity: 0.42

4 days after.

Suicide bomber kills 25 at Iraqi market Similarity: 0.88

US sniper jailed for Iraqi murder Similarity: 0.42

Kurdistan raises Iraq's new post-Saddam flag Similarity: 0.44

5 days after.

US may pause Iraq troop pull-out Similarity: 0.84

US sniper shot unarmed man Similarity: 0.31

6 days after.

Two CBS journalists kidnapped in Iraq Similarity: 0.84

7 days after.

CBS journalists kidnapped by gang of masked men in Basra Similarity: 0.83


Al-Kaida-Video zeigt Kindersoldaten im Irak Similarity: 0.51


EEUU detecta una infiltración de militantes occidentales a áreas de Al Qaeda Similarity: 0.36


Un kamikaze frappe un groupe anti al-Qaïda en Irak Similarity: 0.48

Vidéo: Al-Qaeda en Irak accusée d'entraîner des enfants Similarity: 0.42


Iraq, i terroristi ora addestrano i bambini Similarity: 0.49


Vala comum encontrada a norte de Bagdad Similarity: 0.47

Vídeos da Al Qaeda mostram meninos armados, dizem EUA Similarity: 0.49

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