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Snowstorms cause havoc in China  de  es  fr  nl  da  pt  ru  sv

Bad weather in China causes havoc for millions of people as the country battles the heaviest snowstorms in 50 years

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

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Twenty killed in China coal mine Similarity: 0.49

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Australia loses market share in China’s coal Similarity: 0.91

Severe snow hits central China Similarity: 0.46

Kissing couple sue Shanghai metro over Internet video Similarity: 0.39

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Chinese porn websites shut down Similarity: 0.85

China Plagued by Power Shortages Similarity: 0.44

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China's economy grows at fastest rate in 13 years and closes gap on Germany Similarity: 0.76

Fossilised skull may end row over origin of Chinese Similarity: 0.50

Vietnamese and Chinese officials meet on co-operation Similarity: 0.35

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Home-grown issues concern Chinese investors Similarity: 0.84

China cuts bike thefts in half – to only about 2m Similarity: 0.31

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Shall we just veg out for a while, darling? Similarity: 0.90

1 day before.

Snow hampers Chinese New Year Similarity: 0.91

Taiwan Mobile sells stake to fund for US$433 mil. Similarity: 0.44

1 day after.

Dozens die in bleak Chinese winter Similarity: 0.91

Deaths cited at unveiling of China's 'Cube' Similarity: 0.41

2 days after.

Chinese newspaper fires early warning at Olympic protesters Similarity: 0.93

Premier Wen in Hunan helping direct disaster relief work Similarity: 0.34

Serious Crime Down, Economic Crime Rises in China Similarity: 0.40

3 days after.

China advises millions to abandon travel plans Similarity: 0.92

China vows to deepen rural reform in 2008 Similarity: 0.35

Shanghai to solicit further public opinion on maglev line Similarity: 0.45

4 days after.

China relaxes loan curbs amid blizzards Similarity: 0.94

China, US aluminium giants pay 14.05 bln dlr for Rio Tinto stake (AFP) Similarity: 0.30

Singh visits remote state contested by China Similarity: 0.33

5 days after.

Leaders join snow effort Similarity: 0.89

Chinese food alert after poisonings Similarity: 0.37

Taiwan president visits disputed island (AP) Similarity: 0.42

6 days after.

Coal price debate at root of power shortage Similarity: 0.92

7 days after.

Editorial Comment: When a slowdown is welcome Similarity: 0.93

Dodgy dumplings spur share price quiz Similarity: 0.31

China learns its lessons Similarity: 0.42


Prins Charles boykotter OL-åbning Similarity: 0.36


Alle Tabellen im Überblick: So teuer sind Strom, Gas und Wasser in Deutschland Similarity: 0.45

Produktionsausfall: Goldpreis auf neuem Rekord Similarity: 0.30


China reconoce muerte de seis obreros en obras de Pekín-2008 Similarity: 0.48

Pekín inaugura "El Cubo de Agua", uno de los proyectos estrella de los Juegos Olímpicos Similarity: 0.46

Ian Thorpe: "No creo que Phelps consiga ocho medallas de oro en Pekín" Similarity: 0.39

Dos motores de búsqueda chinos, en la lista de los diez más usados del mundo Similarity: 0.35


La Chine prévoit des difficultés économiques cette année Similarity: 0.62

JO DE PEKIN Similarity: 0.42

Bruxelles veut une législation renforcée pour les jouets Similarity: 0.35


Winterweer legt grote delen China plat Similarity: 0.44

[18:20] Prins Charles boycot opening Spelen Similarity: 0.40


China lança futura concorrente da Airbus e Boeing Similarity: 0.45

Pequim2008: inaugurado «Cubo Aquático» com um ar lusófono Similarity: 0.39

Organização dos Jogos de Pequim confirma morte de 6 operários Similarity: 0.41

Analistas chineses esperam correções em bolsas nacionais Similarity: 0.32


За пять дней поисков "Капитана Ускова" его следов не обнаружено Similarity: 0.31

Амурский тигр напал на экологов, животное застрелили Similarity: 0.32

Китай погрузился в транспортный коллапс Similarity: 0.36

Из-за непогоды в гигантской пробке застряли 60 тысяч китайцев Similarity: 0.33

Сильнейшие за полвека морозы и снегопады, обрушившиеся на Китай, стали бедствием для страны Similarity: 0.34


Hårt vinterväder vållar problem i Kina Similarity: 0.36

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