Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow hampers Chinese New Year  de  es  fr  nl  bg  da  pt  ru  sv

China orders emergency measures to fight nationwide transport chaos caused by severe weather conditions.

bbc 4:32:00 PM CET

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

Will Hutton: Come on, Mr Brown, stand up to the Chinese Similarity: 0.86

9 killed in illegal firework workshop explosion in N China Similarity: 0.30

6 days before.

Beijing protests over' illegal' evictions Similarity: 0.86

Twenty killed in China coal mine Similarity: 0.43

Heavy snow blamed for 10 deaths in China (AP) Similarity: 0.43

Taiwan president plans disputed island visit Similarity: 0.38

Olympics: Beijing denies stadium deaths cover-up report (AFP) Similarity: 0.36

China and Germany patch up quarrel over Merkel policy Similarity: 0.34

5 days before.

Australia loses market share in China’s coal Similarity: 0.86

Severe snow hits central China Similarity: 0.47

Kissing couple sue Shanghai metro over Internet video Similarity: 0.39

4 days before.

Chinese porn websites shut down Similarity: 0.82

China Plagued by Power Shortages Similarity: 0.33

3 days before.

China's economy grows at fastest rate in 13 years and closes gap on Germany Similarity: 0.71

Fossilised skull may end row over origin of Chinese Similarity: 0.48

Vietnamese and Chinese officials meet on co-operation Similarity: 0.32

2 days before.

Home-grown issues concern Chinese investors Similarity: 0.81

1 day before.

Shall we just veg out for a while, darling? Similarity: 0.87

1 day after.

Snowstorms cause havoc in China Similarity: 0.91

The market could force consolidation in China's booming steel sector Similarity: 0.35

Prime Minister Douglas heads six-member delegation to Taiwan Similarity: 0.36

2 days after.

Dozens die in bleak Chinese winter Similarity: 0.90

Deaths cited at unveiling of China's 'Cube' Similarity: 0.41

3 days after.

Chinese newspaper fires early warning at Olympic protesters Similarity: 0.92

Premier Wen in Hunan helping direct disaster relief work Similarity: 0.40

Serious Crime Down, Economic Crime Rises in China Similarity: 0.37

4 days after.

China advises millions to abandon travel plans Similarity: 0.91

China vows to deepen rural reform in 2008 Similarity: 0.33

Shanghai to solicit further public opinion on maglev line Similarity: 0.44

5 days after.

China relaxes loan curbs amid blizzards Similarity: 0.91

Singh visits remote state contested by China Similarity: 0.32

6 days after.

Leaders join snow effort Similarity: 0.88

Chinese food alert after poisonings Similarity: 0.35

Taiwan president visits disputed island (AP) Similarity: 0.41

7 days after.

Coal price debate at root of power shortage Similarity: 0.90


Обувките датират от 40 000 години Similarity: 0.31


Sponsor glad og stolt over guldet Similarity: 0.32


Schwerste Schneefälle in China seit 50 Jahren Similarity: 0.43


Empresarios intentan remediar la débil imagen de España en China Similarity: 0.41

El Foro de Davos concluye entre dudas sobre la recesión en EEUU Similarity: 0.34

El Gobierno Chino promete luchar contra la piratería en Internet Similarity: 0.34


La Chine ordonne des mesures d'urgence contre une vague de froid (Reuters) Similarity: 0.55


Dansende oma's stelen de show Similarity: 0.44


Possível sucessor de Hu Jintao dirigirá celebração do aniversário da reforma (27/01/08-09h11) Similarity: 0.38


Непогода в Китае может привести к продовольственному коллапсу - СМИ Similarity: 0.33


Kall vinter ger kris i Kina Similarity: 0.40

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