Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brown sees 'green' sites in China  de  fr  nl  da  pt  sv

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has arrived in Shanghai on the second day of his trip to China.

bbc 7:45:00 AM CET

This cluster belong to the following story: Taiwan’s nationalists win by landslide

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

Big win for Taiwan opposition Similarity: 0.66

Indian Prime Minister in China for talks Similarity: 0.48

Chinese citizens protest maglev train in Shanghai Similarity: 0.46

China to legalise horse racing and betting Similarity: 0.43

Backgrounder: Chronicle of China's Antarctic icecap expeditions Similarity: 0.38

6 days before.

Taiwan’s nationalists win by landslide Similarity: 0.81

5 days before.

Indian PM on state visit to China Similarity: 0.80

China stiffens penalties for price-fixing as food costs soar Similarity: 0.31

4 days before.

Chinese dragon roars over Indian industry Similarity: 0.85

Smuggled fossils and eggs returned to China Similarity: 0.40

3 days before.

Cathay backs any Air China bid for China Eastern (Reuters) Similarity: 0.84

Polish president hails ties with China Similarity: 0.41

China's yuan continues to hit new high against U.S. dollar Similarity: 0.40

2 days before.

Analysis: China turns risk averse, even as capital outflows rise Similarity: 0.84

Brown speaks out for English Similarity: 0.39

British Airways passenger plane crashes off runway at Heathrow Airport Similarity: 0.33

1 day before.

Brown to take China relationship to ‘new level’ Similarity: 0.96

1 day after.

Will Hutton: Come on, Mr Brown, stand up to the Chinese Similarity: 0.85

2 days after.

Beijing protests over' illegal' evictions Similarity: 0.82

China and Germany patch up quarrel over Merkel policy Similarity: 0.36

Olympics: Beijing denies stadium deaths cover-up report (AFP) Similarity: 0.35

Taiwan president plans disputed island visit Similarity: 0.37

Twenty killed in China coal mine Similarity: 0.42

3 days after.

Australia loses market share in China’s coal Similarity: 0.85

Severe snow hits central China Similarity: 0.33

Kissing couple sue Shanghai metro over Internet video Similarity: 0.38

4 days after.

Chinese porn websites shut down Similarity: 0.82

China Plagued by Power Shortages Similarity: 0.33

5 days after.

China's economy grows at fastest rate in 13 years and closes gap on Germany Similarity: 0.73

Fossilised skull may end row over origin of Chinese Similarity: 0.48

Vietnamese and Chinese officials meet on co-operation Similarity: 0.36

6 days after.

Home-grown issues concern Chinese investors Similarity: 0.79

7 days after.

Shall we just veg out for a while, darling? Similarity: 0.83


Banksvindel for 600 milliarder kroner afsløret i Kina Similarity: 0.39


Olympia in Peking: Ist China die neue Weltmacht? Similarity: 0.37

Triebwerkschaden verursachte Bruchlandung in London Similarity: 0.33


Brown en Chine met l'accent sur le changement climatique Similarity: 0.51


Chinezen trouw aan sigaret Similarity: 0.37


China: Duzentos e 10 milhões de chineses usam Internet Similarity: 0.44


Taiwan | Kina knycker allt fler av Taiwans bundsförvanter Similarity: 0.34

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