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Chinese dragon roars over Indian industry  es  fr  it  bg  pt  ru

As Manmohan Singh, India’s prime minister, wound up his three-day trip to China on Tuesday, the growing trade imbalance between the two countries in favour of Beijing has proved to be one of the most contentious issues. Sino-Indian trade last year soared 56 per cent to $38.7bn (€26bn, £19.

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

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China 'plans to send troops into North Korea’ Similarity: 0.41

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Aircraft mice at centre of US-Sino incident Similarity: 0.90

Pyongyang 'Not Ready' for Full Declaration: Hill Similarity: 0.45

Taiwan prosecutors appeal against Ma’s acquittal Similarity: 0.33

Carmakers turn to India for growth Similarity: 0.31

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The bullet or the needle Similarity: 0.90

Gold soars as China launches Shanghai Futures Exchange Similarity: 0.34

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China trade surplus hits record $262bn Similarity: 0.92

Accidents kill over 100,000 in China in 2007, down 10% Similarity: 0.37

US trade deficit soared in November (AP) Similarity: 0.30

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Indian Prime Minister in China for talks Similarity: 0.72

Big win for Taiwan opposition Similarity: 0.71

Chinese citizens protest maglev train in Shanghai Similarity: 0.48

China to legalise horse racing and betting Similarity: 0.46

Chinese incursions into India do happen: Pranab Similarity: 0.42

Backgrounder: Chronicle of China's Antarctic icecap expeditions Similarity: 0.41

2 days before.

Taiwan’s nationalists win by landslide Similarity: 0.91

1 day before.

Indian PM on state visit to China Similarity: 0.95

China stiffens penalties for price-fixing as food costs soar Similarity: 0.32

1 day after.

Cathay backs any Air China bid for China Eastern (Reuters) Similarity: 0.89

China's yuan continues to hit new high against U.S. dollar Similarity: 0.41

Polish president hails ties with China Similarity: 0.45

2 days after.

Analysis: China turns risk averse, even as capital outflows rise Similarity: 0.89

Water level in China's Yangtze at record low Similarity: 0.32

3 days after.

Brown to take China relationship to ‘new level’ Similarity: 0.90

adviser: Bangladesh views Sino-Indian cooperation positively Similarity: 0.37

4 days after.

Brown sees 'green' sites in China Similarity: 0.85

Shanghai railway police confiscate 8,000 bootleg porno DVDs Similarity: 0.37

5 days after.

Brown announces India aid deal Similarity: 0.39

Will Hutton: Come on, Mr Brown, stand up to the Chinese Similarity: 0.90

6 days after.

Brown announces India aid package Similarity: 0.36

Beijing protests over' illegal' evictions Similarity: 0.86

Heavy snow blamed for 10 deaths in China (AP) Similarity: 0.31

China and Germany patch up quarrel over Merkel policy Similarity: 0.37

Olympics: Beijing denies stadium deaths cover-up report (AFP) Similarity: 0.34

Taiwan president plans disputed island visit Similarity: 0.41

Twenty killed in China coal mine Similarity: 0.43

7 days after.

Australia loses market share in China’s coal Similarity: 0.90

Severe snow hits central China Similarity: 0.35

Kissing couple sue Shanghai metro over Internet video Similarity: 0.38


ДАМС изпусна самолетите за олимпиадата в Пекин Similarity: 0.32


China iguala a EE UU en número de internautas Similarity: 0.51


Fin de la visite du Premier ministre indien en Chine Similarity: 0.62




'China Daily' faz trabalho sobre homossexualidade Similarity: 0.40


Права на экспорт игрушек лишились более 600 китайских предприятий Similarity: 0.32

"Ситроен" извинился перед китайцами за бестактное изображение в рекламе Мао Цзедуна Similarity: 0.30

У берегов Тайваня затонуло грузовое судно под панамским флагом; погибли восемь человек Similarity: 0.31

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