Monday, January 14, 2008

Bush seeks Arab support for a tough line on Iran  de  es  fr  it  nl  ar  da  fa  pt  sv  tr

President George W. Bush has not concealed his Iran agenda throughout his tour of the Middle-East.

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Start date: Saturday, December 2, 2006

7 days before.

US angered by Iranian 'provocation' at sea Similarity: 0.79

6 days before.

US accuses Iran of provocative behaviour Similarity: 0.81

Bush’s final chance in the Middle East Similarity: 0.38

5 days before.

US shows clip of Iran 'aggression' Similarity: 0.85

Bush: I'm 'nudging' Israelis, Palestinians toward peace Similarity: 0.47

4 days before.

Iranian TV airs video of Gulf encounter (AP) Similarity: 0.83

Bush: 'Painful' Mideast choices needed Similarity: 0.38

3 days before.

UN nuclear head in Iran for talks Similarity: 0.82

Mid-East deal in sight, says Bush Similarity: 0.43

2 days before.

Khamenei: Iran will not bow to US Similarity: 0.82

Bush gets warm official welcome in Bahrain amid protests (AFP) Similarity: 0.49

US troop withdrawal on track, says Bush Similarity: 0.46

1 day before.

Bush seeks to weaken Iran by isolating it from its Gulf neighbours Similarity: 0.94

Bush praises Iraqi Baathist law Similarity: 0.38

'Iran threats' may have been work of a heckler Similarity: 0.31

1 day after.

Bush nudges OPEC to raise oil production Similarity: 0.87

Amnesty demands Iran ends 'grotesque' stoning executions Similarity: 0.39

2 days after.

Audit doubts Iran sanction efficacy Similarity: 0.82

Bush ends Middle East tour with brief visit to Egypt Similarity: 0.59

Bush concern over high oil prices Similarity: 0.35

3 days after.

Israel test fires ballistic missile Similarity: 0.79

Analysis: Bush gets peace talk promises (AP) Similarity: 0.66

4 days after.

China urges Iran, Europe to resume nuclear talks (AFP) Similarity: 0.78

5 days after.

Rice setback as Iran policy envoy resigns Similarity: 0.79

US leader loses one more top official Similarity: 0.30

Iranian minister departs New Delhi for Tehran Similarity: 0.37

6 days after.

Suicide bomber hits Iraqi town Similarity: 0.38

Russia delivers more than half fuel for Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant Similarity: 0.72

7 days after.

UN Security Council to discuss new resolution against Iran Similarity: 0.79

Renewed Call for Justice Similarity: 0.37

Bush came, he spoke and he left Similarity: 0.47


أولمرت يهدد بـ"خيارات مفتوحة" لمنع إيران من التسلح النووي Similarity: 0.38


USA trækker i land i iransk bådsag Similarity: 0.38


US-Präsident Bush in Saudi-Arabien Similarity: 0.45

Iran: Amnesty International prangert Steinigungen an Similarity: 0.32


Bush hace el agosto en su viaje a Arabia Saudi Similarity: 0.54


واکنش ایران به سخنان جورج بوش در ابوظبی Similarity: 0.31


L'AIEA et l'Iran se donnent quatre semaines pour résoudre les problèmes liés au nucléaire Similarity: 0.69

George Bush poursuit en Arabie saoudite sa tournée dans le Golfe (Reuters) Similarity: 0.64


Bush non riesce a creare un fronte ostile contro l'Iran Similarity: 0.46


Bush bezoekt vrienden in Saudi-Arabië Similarity: 0.45


Israel quer impedir Irão nuclear Similarity: 0.50


Bush pratade Iran under Saudi-besök Similarity: 0.44


Bush S.Arabistan'a geçiyor Similarity: 0.47

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