Tuesday, January 8, 2008

China Eastern’s change of tack  es  fr  it  nl  et  pt

appears to mark a turning point for Chinese corporate culture and a triumph of market forces. But rather than an unprecedented example of small investors rejecting a deal that appeared to have the full backing of the state, the vote is more likely to reflect a reversal in the corridors of power....

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This cluster belong to the following story: Taiwan’s nationalists win by landslide

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

Beijing sets sights on blue skies in 2008 Similarity: 0.85

Jailed 'teddy' teacher aims to teach in China Similarity: 0.39

6 days before.

Singapore Airline bid hits trouble Similarity: 0.83

Chinese rollercoaster gets stuck on loop Similarity: 0.34

Sinopec wants to make buy more foreign companies Similarity: 0.34

Singapore economy shrinks in Q4 Similarity: 0.31

5 days before.

China increases use of lethal injections in executions Similarity: 0.83

Three dead in China market blaze Similarity: 0.41

HK shares end 2.44% lower on 2nd trading session Similarity: 0.36

4 days before.

China To Crack Down On Video Hosting Sites Similarity: 0.87

Tibetan Exiles in India Plan March Home Similarity: 0.38

3 days before.

China's farms struggle to meet growing demand Similarity: 0.88

Vietnam man arrested for trafficking 23 females to China Similarity: 0.39

2 days before.

Chinese activism Similarity: 0.90

Furnace shut down to clean up Beijing for Olympics Similarity: 0.38

Referendums are key to democracy Similarity: 0.32

1 day before.

China may raise its global economic profile in 2008 Similarity: 0.85

Campaign enters final week Similarity: 0.43

China reinforces one-child stance Similarity: 0.42

EDITORIAL: Can Ottawa even be bothered? Similarity: 0.38

1 day after.

Aircraft mice at centre of US-Sino incident Similarity: 0.88

Taiwan prosecutors appeal against Ma’s acquittal Similarity: 0.39

Pyongyang 'Not Ready' for Full Declaration: Hill Similarity: 0.40

2 days after.

Gold soars as China launches Shanghai Futures Exchange Similarity: 0.35

3 days after.

China trade surplus hits record $262bn Similarity: 0.85

A380 superjumbo rulls off runway Similarity: 0.35

Accidents kill over 100,000 in China in 2007, down 10% Similarity: 0.37

4 days after.

Big win for Taiwan opposition Similarity: 0.77

Indian Prime Minister in China for talks Similarity: 0.46

China to legalise horse racing and betting Similarity: 0.44

Chinese citizens protest maglev train in Shanghai Similarity: 0.46

5 days after.

Taiwan’s nationalists win by landslide Similarity: 0.87

6 days after.

Indian PM on state visit to China Similarity: 0.84

China stiffens penalties for price-fixing as food costs soar Similarity: 0.32

7 days after.

Chinese dragon roars over Indian industry Similarity: 0.82

Smuggled fossils and eggs returned to China Similarity: 0.41


Variedades - TV china lanza su propia "Supermodelo" Similarity: 0.39


Emale kallid matused korraldanud parteisõdur sai kinga Similarity: 0.32


Un épais brouillard paralyse Shanghai (Reuters) Similarity: 0.52

Morgan Stanley souhaiterait se repositionner en Chine Similarity: 0.40

A16: un nouveau radar redoutable sur les routes! 08/01 - 15:18 Similarity: 0.30


India e Cina, i colossi asiatici verso l'intesa Similarity: 0.32


Chinese Audi-verkopen passeren 100.000 stuks Similarity: 0.30

Vos wil olympische tijdrit rijden Similarity: 0.31


China vai pôr em órbita 17 satélites em 2008 Similarity: 0.50

Bolsas asiáticas sobem impulsionadas pela banca Similarity: 0.33

Reality show de modelos é censurado na China Similarity: 0.32

Avião pousa em Pequim com oito ratos a bordo Similarity: 0.32

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