Monday, January 7, 2008

China may raise its global economic profile in 2008  es  fr  it  nl  da  de  pt  ru  sv  tr

Chinese leaders may be giving more weight to international priorities and growing more assertive in venues like the WTO.

IHT 6:35:00 AM CET

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

China wraps up a stunning year Similarity: 0.88

HONG KONG: China says no direct elections for 2012 Similarity: 0.44

China's busiest coal railway moves record cargo in 2007 Similarity: 0.34

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Beijing sets sights on blue skies in 2008 Similarity: 0.92

Jailed 'teddy' teacher aims to teach in China Similarity: 0.42

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Singapore Airline bid hits trouble Similarity: 0.89

Chinese rollercoaster gets stuck on loop Similarity: 0.36

Sinopec wants to make buy more foreign companies Similarity: 0.36

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China increases use of lethal injections in executions Similarity: 0.88

Three dead in China market blaze Similarity: 0.43

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China To Crack Down On Video Hosting Sites Similarity: 0.88

Tibetan Exiles in India Plan March Home Similarity: 0.42

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China's farms struggle to meet growing demand Similarity: 0.88

Vietnam man arrested for trafficking 23 females to China Similarity: 0.42

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Chinese activism Similarity: 0.89

Furnace shut down to clean up Beijing for Olympics Similarity: 0.42

Referendums are key to democracy Similarity: 0.31

1 day after.

China Eastern’s change of tack Similarity: 0.85

China 'plans to send troops into North Korea’ Similarity: 0.39

2 days after.

Aircraft mice at centre of US-Sino incident Similarity: 0.92

Taiwan prosecutors appeal against Ma’s acquittal Similarity: 0.35

Pyongyang 'Not Ready' for Full Declaration: Hill Similarity: 0.44

3 days after.

Gold soars as China launches Shanghai Futures Exchange Similarity: 0.37

4 days after.

China trade surplus hits record $262bn Similarity: 0.92

US trade deficit soared in November (AP) Similarity: 0.31

Accidents kill over 100,000 in China in 2007, down 10% Similarity: 0.41

5 days after.

Big win for Taiwan opposition Similarity: 0.75

Indian Prime Minister in China for talks Similarity: 0.56

China to legalise horse racing and betting Similarity: 0.47

Chinese incursions into India do happen: Pranab Similarity: 0.34

Chinese citizens protest maglev train in Shanghai Similarity: 0.49

6 days after.

Taiwan’s nationalists win by landslide Similarity: 0.91

7 days after.

Indian PM on state visit to China Similarity: 0.90

China stiffens penalties for price-fixing as food costs soar Similarity: 0.34


Straf for at gå mod etbarnspolitik Similarity: 0.31

Novozymes lukker fabrik i Kina Similarity: 0.32


Wer zwei Kinder hat, fliegt Similarity: 0.35


Autoridades chinas lanzaron una campaña contra productos audiovisuales 'vulgares' y eróticos Similarity: 0.44


Omnicom prend une participation dans le chinois Shunya Similarity: 0.56

Des centaines de membres du PC chinois exclus pour non-respect de la politique de l'enfant unique Similarity: 0.39


Cina:10 morti in incidente stradale Similarity: 0.37

La Cina censura sesso e povertà FRANCESCO SISCI Similarity: 0.34


Doden en gewonden bij busongeluk in China Similarity: 0.39

4-uurjournaal: groot vreugdevuur op Museumplein Similarity: 0.31


China apreendeu 149 milhões de revistas e DVDs em 2007 Similarity: 0.42

Chineses punidos por terem mais de um descendente Similarity: 0.34


В Китае два автобуса столкнулись с грузовиком Similarity: 0.34


Kommunen lika stor som Skottland Similarity: 0.36


Çin Komünist Partisisinden 'tek çocuk' kuralını ihlal eden 500 partiliye ihraç Similarity: 0.31

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