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TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iran has expelled a German diplomat for "undiplomatic" behavior, the Foreign Ministry said Sunday. The expulsion comes after a media report claiming that Germany expelled an Iranian consular attache last July after he apparently attempted to acquire equipment that could be used for uranium enrichment.

cnn 6:01:00 PM CET

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Start date: Saturday, December 2, 2006

7 days before.

Predictions for 2008 Similarity: 0.88

6 days before.

Washington's war will have to wait Similarity: 0.83

Turkmenistan cuts gas supply to Iran by half Similarity: 0.42

5 days before.

Turkmenistan halts gas supply to Iran for technical reasons Similarity: 0.71

Mashaei: Globalization Will Bring Nations Closer Similarity: 0.54

19 killed in Egypt bus plunge Similarity: 0.42

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Iranian arrest over Putin 'plot' Similarity: 0.86

3 days before.

Iran leader suggests U.S. ties may be possible one day (Reuters) Similarity: 0.92

Technical problems halt Turkmenistan gas exports to Iran Similarity: 0.44

2 days before.

Khamenei Says Iran Ties With US Possible Similarity: 0.89

Iranian FM: Bhutto's assassination an attempt to destabilize country Similarity: 0.31

1 day before.

Guardian journalist forced to stop working in Iran Similarity: 0.91

German army "horrified" over reckless driving of soldiers in Afghanistan Similarity: 0.43

1 day after.

US angered by Iranian 'provocation' at sea Similarity: 0.85

2 days after.

US accuses Iran of provocative behaviour Similarity: 0.88

3 days after.

US shows clip of Iran 'aggression' Similarity: 0.86

Iran Majlis election registration underway Similarity: 0.34

4 days after.

Iranian TV airs video of Gulf encounter (AP) Similarity: 0.87

5 days after.

UN nuclear head in Iran for talks Similarity: 0.90

6 days after.

Khamenei: Iran will not bow to US Similarity: 0.88

Bush gets warm official welcome in Bahrain amid protests (AFP) Similarity: 0.32

7 days after.

Bush seeks to weaken Iran by isolating it from its Gulf neighbours Similarity: 0.85

'Iran threats' may have been work of a heckler Similarity: 0.31


تنسيق خليجي لمواجهة أسوأ سيناريوهات النووي الإيراني Similarity: 0.31


Eklat: Iran weist deutschen Diplomaten aus Similarity: 0.44


Bush presionará a aliados sobre Irán durante gira Oriente Medio Similarity: 0.47


DIPLOMATIE Similarity: 0.49


Iran semiparalizzato dalla neve Similarity: 0.45


Dik pak sneeuw in Iran Similarity: 0.36


Bush apoia Israel em caso de ataque iraniano Similarity: 0.44


Иранские власти выдворили немецкого дипломата в связи с "недипломатическими действиями" Similarity: 0.31


İran: Bush'un Ortadoğu ziyareti, başarısız politikaların telafi çabası Similarity: 0.36

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