Sunday, December 30, 2007

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The FT’s crack corps of pundits had great success in predicting the events of 2007. Once again, therefore, we have urged them to throw caution to the wind and risk humiliation in the pursuit of glory. Last time, Edward Luce foresaw Barack Obama’s political trajectory with near-clairvoyant accuracy,....

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This cluster belong to the following story: Iran welcomes US downgrading of nuclear threat

Keywords: Iran, United states, Iraq / UN Security Council, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad / iranian, tehran, nuclear, sanctions, program, enrichment, uranium

Start date: Saturday, December 2, 2006

7 days before.

Iran: Bushehr plant ready by March Similarity: 0.91

Fajr Music Fest kicks off in Tehran Similarity: 0.43

Iran conservatives slam Ahmadinejad on economy (AFP) Similarity: 0.40

6 days before.

Iran and Russia meet to discuss defense cooperation Similarity: 0.93

5 days before.

Iran and Russia meet to discuss defense cooperation Similarity: 0.91

MacKay says Iran giving weapons to Taliban Similarity: 0.33

More Workers on Payroll Similarity: 0.31

4 days before.

Iran says to get missile system from Russia: report (Reuters) Similarity: 0.91

Ancient city trembles on anniversary of killer earthquake Similarity: 0.35

3 days before.

Iranian Jews Say Republic Safe for Them Similarity: 0.83

Editorial comment: Russia is in need of firm handling Similarity: 0.40

2 days before.

US concerned as Iran buys Russian missile Similarity: 0.92

Tehran prayer leader tells US to leave Lebanon alone Similarity: 0.47

1 day before.

Russia Denies Planning Missiles for Iran Similarity: 0.87

Ahmadinejad Meets Omani FM Similarity: 0.56

2 days after.

19 killed in Egypt bus plunge Similarity: 0.44

3 days after.

Iranian arrest over Putin 'plot' Similarity: 0.83

4 days after.

Iran leader suggests U.S. ties may be possible one day (Reuters) Similarity: 0.90

5 days after.

Khamenei Says Iran Ties With US Possible Similarity: 0.87

Iranian FM: Bhutto's assassination an attempt to destabilize country Similarity: 0.31

6 days after.

Guardian journalist forced to stop working in Iran Similarity: 0.86

7 days after.

German diplomat expelled by Iran Similarity: 0.88


Erstes AKW des Iran geht Mitte 2008 in Betrieb Similarity: 0.53


Irán pondrá en marcha su primera central nuclear en verano de 2008 Similarity: 0.63


متکی: آغاز فعالیت نیروگاه بوشهر در تابستان Similarity: 0.32


Iran: kerncentrale in 2008 opgestart Similarity: 0.56


Irã anuncia início de planta atômica para meados de 2008 Similarity: 0.70


АЭС в Бушере "запустят уже летом" Similarity: 0.33


Iranska kärnkraftverk klart 2008 Similarity: 0.51

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