Friday, December 28, 2007

US concerned as Iran buys Russian missile  fr  it  nl  ru  tr

IRAN: Iranian officials say they have signed a contract to buy an advanced Russian anti-aircraft system, a move that could complicate plans for an air attack by US or Israeli warplanes.

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Start date: Saturday, December 2, 2006

7 days before.

Iran could revive atom bomb bid due to IAEA curbs: U.S. (Reuters) Similarity: 0.89

U-turn settles UK-Russia art row Similarity: 0.34

6 days before.

No 'miracle' for American missing in Iran Similarity: 0.91

Russia's Communists seek power again Similarity: 0.32

5 days before.

Iran: Bushehr plant ready by March Similarity: 0.89

Iran conservatives slam Ahmadinejad on economy (AFP) Similarity: 0.40

Fajr Music Fest kicks off in Tehran Similarity: 0.39

4 days before.

Iran and Russia meet to discuss defense cooperation Similarity: 0.94

Gryzlov becomes speaker of Russian parliament Similarity: 0.32

3 days before.

Iran and Russia meet to discuss defense cooperation Similarity: 0.88

Russia test-fires intercontinental ballistic missile Similarity: 0.34

MacKay says Iran giving weapons to Taliban Similarity: 0.32

Nuclear chief: Russia to set up nuclear university Similarity: 0.31

More Workers on Payroll Similarity: 0.31

2 days before.

Iran says to get missile system from Russia: report (Reuters) Similarity: 0.92

Moscow hails ballistic missile tests Similarity: 0.34

Ancient city trembles on anniversary of killer earthquake Similarity: 0.34

1 day before.

Iranian Jews Say Republic Safe for Them Similarity: 0.80

Editorial comment: Russia is in need of firm handling Similarity: 0.51

1 day after.

British Council spat could hit EU-Russia ties: ambassador (AFP) Similarity: 0.33

2 days after.

Predictions for 2008 Similarity: 0.92

3 days after.

Russia agrees to let art exhibit travel to UK Similarity: 0.33

Washington's war will have to wait Similarity: 0.90

4 days after.

Britain plans to defy order to close offices in Russia Similarity: 0.39

19 killed in Egypt bus plunge Similarity: 0.40

5 days after.

Iranian arrest over Putin 'plot' Similarity: 0.80

6 days after.

Iran leader suggests U.S. ties may be possible one day (Reuters) Similarity: 0.88

Russia warns Britain on cultural offices Similarity: 0.32

7 days after.

Khamenei Says Iran Ties With US Possible Similarity: 0.84


NUCLEAIRE Similarity: 0.62




[10:39] Rusland ontkent verkoop luchtafweer aan Iran Similarity: 0.39


Вторая партия ядерного топлива доставлена из РФ на АЭС "Бушер" в Иране Similarity: 0.32

Неактуальные ракетные технологии Similarity: 0.34


Rusya'nın İran siyaseti kötü örnek Similarity: 0.37

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