Sunday, December 23, 2007

China test for Brown  de  es  nl  fr  tr

Gordon Brown came under pressure last night to confront China over its human rights record.

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This cluster belong to the following story: Chinese president addresses party congress

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

Soaring food prices drive Chinese inflation to 11-year high Similarity: 0.83

6 days before.

China recalls US made vaccines Similarity: 0.81

Wahaha union sues Danone Similarity: 0.33

5 days before.

World Bank to work with China in Africa Similarity: 0.86

Film industry in HK voices support for Beijing Olympics Similarity: 0.36

Robust World Economy Stumbles in 2007 Similarity: 0.34

4 days before.

Morgan Stanley taps China for $5bn Similarity: 0.85

China sex ring teachers convicted Similarity: 0.39

Chevron to jointly develop Chinese gas field (AFP) Similarity: 0.36

3 days before.

India and China in joint war games Similarity: 0.81

China bails out Morgan Stanley Similarity: 0.36

2 days before.

Ceremony inaugurates Chinese jet Similarity: 0.83

Pope renews hope for positive dialogue with China Similarity: 0.43

Subprime woes draw plenty of foreign interest Similarity: 0.43

1 day before.

Taiwan UN bid 'provocative' - US Similarity: 0.76

NDP pushes special agreement with China to bring alleged killer to trial Similarity: 0.43

China promises to subsidize farmers for household appliance purchase Similarity: 0.38

Asian markets rally on tech news Similarity: 0.35

China salvages ancient sunken ship Similarity: 0.32

1 day after.

Danone and Wahaha agree to legal ceasefire Similarity: 0.78

Rare Siberian tigers found dead Similarity: 0.65

2 days after.

Chinese man gets 10 years for stealing from crash site (Reuters) Similarity: 0.85

3 days after.

China’s Shanghai Auto buys rival Nanjing Similarity: 0.83

Showdown Looms over Chinese Land Ownership Similarity: 0.41

China to raise export tariffs on steel, other commodities to curb trade surplus Similarity: 0.33

China urges settlement of energy disputes through dialogue and consultation Similarity: 0.31

4 days after.

Japanese PM to boost China ties Similarity: 0.74

CCTV's leaning towers join together Similarity: 0.43

5 days after.

China and Japan PMs hail progress Similarity: 0.77

Beijing aims for ‘good air days’ Similarity: 0.38

6 days after.

Ball game at China-Japan summit Similarity: 0.80

Hong Kong to elect leader by 2017 Similarity: 0.34

7 days after.

Tokyo and Beijing must work together, Japan PM says (AFP) Similarity: 0.75

China delays HK elections Similarity: 0.34

China will tax grain exporters Similarity: 0.44

China coal mine blast kills one, traps 18 Similarity: 0.45

China's Baidu says CFO dies in accident (AP) Similarity: 0.46


Kein "Wohlfühlprogamm für reiche Länder" - Wieczorek-Zeul verteidigt Hilfen für China Similarity: 0.37


Razones para no añorar las angulas Similarity: 0.34


7 morts dans un incendie à Pointe-à-Pitre Similarity: 0.31


China start met productie hogesnelheidstreinen Similarity: 0.36


Buzdan eserlere büyük ilgi Similarity: 0.35

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