Monday, December 17, 2007

Suicide bomber kills 9 soldiers in Pakistan  de  es  fr  it  nl  ar  da  pt  sv  tr

The bomber struck near a sports ground used by the Pakistan Army in Kohat, a garrison town in North-West Frontier Province, military officials said.

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Start date: Saturday, June 23, 2007

7 days before.

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Sharif to contest Pakistan polls Similarity: 0.56

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PAKISTAN: Corps is ill-equipped for 'war on terror' Similarity: 0.68

London pair charged with inciting terror abroad: police (AFP) Similarity: 0.37

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Ahmed Rashid, Taking Stock of Pakistani Politics Similarity: 0.72

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Pakistan attacks kill 7 or more: officials Similarity: 0.78

Musharraf is criticised in survey Similarity: 0.58

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Pakistan to lift emergency, but critics cautious (Reuters) Similarity: 0.70

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Musharraf tries to legitimise poll Similarity: 0.51

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Pakistan lifts emergency rule but media curbs remain Similarity: 0.63

UK suspect flees Pakistan custody Similarity: 0.59

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45 dead after Pakistan train derails Similarity: 0.65

3 days after.

Congress Sets Limits on Aid to Pakistan Similarity: 0.71

Bhutto: Spies meddling in Pakistan vote (AP) Similarity: 0.35

At least 58 people killed as holiday train is derailed Similarity: 0.39

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Pakistan suicide bomber kills 55 at mosque Similarity: 0.76

5 days after.

'Four held' over Pakistan bombing Similarity: 0.80

6 days after.

Six dead in Pakistan bomb attack Similarity: 0.86

Nawaz Sharif launches election campaign in Sindh Similarity: 0.32

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Pakistan bomber strikes army convoy Similarity: 0.86


مقتل 9 جنود بانفجار في باكستان Similarity: 0.42


Mindst ni dræbt af selvmordsbombe i Pakistan Similarity: 0.49


Rice fordert Pressefreiheit für Pakistan Similarity: 0.44


Nueve soldados muertos y cuatro heridos en un atentado en Pakistán Similarity: 0.61


PAKISTAN Similarity: 0.77


Pakistan: Rice, necessarie elezioni Similarity: 0.47


[16:54] EU-waarnemers naar Pakistan Similarity: 0.45


Atentado suicida faz nove mortos Similarity: 0.43


Självmordsdåd mot fotbollslag Similarity: 0.48


Pakistan'da saldır: 10 ölü Similarity: 0.35

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