Thursday, December 13, 2007

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By Tom Mitchell in Hong Kong Published: December 13 2007 19:05 | Last updated: December 13 2007 19:05 shares as it stepped up efforts to gain a stronger foothold in China’s fast-growing steel market. But the world’s biggest steelmaker also abandoned a long-delayed effort to acquire a minority....

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This cluster belong to the following story: Chinese president addresses party congress

Keywords: China, United states / Xinhua News Agency, Dalai Lama / chinese, beijing, taiwan, trade, percent, safety, chen, foreign

Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

Mine explosion traps 50 in China Similarity: 0.83

Gazprom-China Talks Slow over Price Similarity: 0.31

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Investment banks sign up China partners Similarity: 0.91

Rare Chinese tiger fights for survival... in South Africa (AFP) Similarity: 0.43

China's presence in Africa a challenge to EU Similarity: 0.42

China mine blast death toll climbs Similarity: 0.34

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Chinese stakes Similarity: 0.91

Chinese president calls on boosting Sino-Japanese ties Similarity: 0.50

China says father of bird flu victim recovering Similarity: 0.40

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Taiwan tycoon in political challenge Similarity: 0.95

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China maintains thirst for power Similarity: 0.95

Trapped China miners ate paper, belt to survive Similarity: 0.43

Crossing continents Similarity: 0.32

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US, China clash at trade talks Similarity: 0.94

1 day before.

China: U.S. Mortgage Crisis a Global Problem Similarity: 0.95

Fire kills 21 in east China apartment block Similarity: 0.45

Emerging giants in telecom boom Similarity: 0.31

German Terracotta Warriors exhibition a fake Similarity: 0.30

1 day after.

'Modest progress' in U.S.-China trade talks Similarity: 0.95

4 days after.

China recalls US made vaccines Similarity: 0.80

Wahaha union sues Danone Similarity: 0.34

5 days after.

World Bank to work with China in Africa Similarity: 0.93

Film industry in HK voices support for Beijing Olympics Similarity: 0.39

6 days after.

Morgan Stanley taps China for $5bn Similarity: 0.92

Chevron to jointly develop Chinese gas field (AFP) Similarity: 0.39

China sex ring teachers convicted Similarity: 0.43

7 days after.

India and China in joint war games Similarity: 0.88

China bails out Morgan Stanley Similarity: 0.40


Китай ще отвори финансовите си пазари Similarity: 0.32


Lichtenegger erneut positiv getestet Similarity: 0.34

Ostrowski als Wachstumsmacher in Zwangsjacke Similarity: 0.33


China desarrollará sus propios estándares de televisión vía móvil Similarity: 0.51


La Chine va permettre aux sociétés étrangères d'émettre des titres en yuan Similarity: 0.62


Il vertice Cina-Usa: dialogo tra sordi Similarity: 0.39


China herdenkt slachting Nanjing Similarity: 0.45


Jackie Chan faz apelo por sexo seguro na China; assista Similarity: 0.44

JFE quer produzir 33 milhões de toneladas de aço em 2012 (13/12/07-10h02) Similarity: 0.31

Morrem dez pessoas em incêndio num restaurante em Cantão (13/12/07-01h23) Similarity: 0.39


Kitajci obeležili obletnico pokola v Nanjingu Similarity: 0.31

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