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Published: December 6 2007 09:44 | Last updated: December 6 2007 19:45 Bursting with cash, Chinese state-linked companies and sovereign wealth funds have become highly desirable allies. They are on hand to offer a stamp of approval or, in difficult times, more substantial help.

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Keywords: China, United states / Xinhua News Agency, Dalai Lama / chinese, beijing, taiwan, trade, percent, chen, safety, people

Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

Chinese fashion goes back to future with new 'red chic' Similarity: 0.86

BYD set to list mobile division in HK Similarity: 0.46

6 days before.

Weak renminbi ‘not to blame’ for trade gap Similarity: 0.84

Democracy champion wins HK poll Similarity: 0.43

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China Railway rises over 50% in debut Similarity: 0.89

China urged to end "child labour" in schools Similarity: 0.35

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Charles Pretzlik: Abramovich’s Highland clearance Similarity: 0.87

Presence of top CPC officials at other parties' congresses shows a greater will towards multi-party co-op Similarity: 0.40

3 days before.

China youth crime 'in rapid rise' Similarity: 0.86

Sinopec, Kuwait get OK to start oil refinery project Similarity: 0.45

Chinese steel makers consider a bid for Rio Tinto Similarity: 0.33

Chinese protest over shop-till-you-drop Macau tour (Reuters) Similarity: 0.33

2 days before.

Mine explosion traps 50 in China Similarity: 0.84

Gazprom-China Talks Slow over Price Similarity: 0.31

1 day before.

Investment banks sign up China partners Similarity: 0.88

Rare Chinese tiger fights for survival... in South Africa (AFP) Similarity: 0.42

China's presence in Africa a challenge to EU Similarity: 0.39

China mine blast death toll climbs Similarity: 0.38

1 day after.

Taiwan tycoon in political challenge Similarity: 0.90

2 days after.

China maintains thirst for power Similarity: 0.89

Crossing continents Similarity: 0.32

Trapped China miners ate paper, belt to survive Similarity: 0.41

3 days after.

US, China clash at trade talks Similarity: 0.88

4 days after.

China: U.S. Mortgage Crisis a Global Problem Similarity: 0.88

Fire kills 21 in east China apartment block Similarity: 0.44

5 days after.

Arcelor in offer for China Oriental shares Similarity: 0.91

6 days after.

'Modest progress' in U.S.-China trade talks Similarity: 0.89


Dansk modeoffensiv i Kina Similarity: 0.36


Zweiter Vogelgrippe-Fall in Ostchina Similarity: 0.33

China: Rettungsarbeiten in Kohlegrube weitgehend abgeschlossen Similarity: 0.38


Explosión en mina deja 105 muertos Similarity: 0.40


Tra Cina e Occidente si accende il confronto sulle emissioni inquinanti Similarity: 0.35


China weigert bindende milieuafspraken Similarity: 0.36

Zuid-Korea kampt met olieramp Similarity: 0.30


China: Metade das vítimas eram mineiros que participavam no resgate Similarity: 0.37

China: Mulher de 49 anos dá à luz gémeos de pai de 83 anos Similarity: 0.35


Çin’de grizu faciasında ölü sayısı 105’e çıktı Similarity: 0.35

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