Saturday, December 1, 2007

Chinese fashion goes back to future with new 'red chic'  de  es  fr  it  nl  pt

CHINA: Young people made wealthy by the boom are looking to the recent past for inspiration for cool clothes, writes Clifford Coonan in Beijing

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This cluster belong to the following story: Chinese president addresses party congress

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

Far from Beijing's reach, officials bend energy rules Similarity: 0.85

Hsieh must state views to Japan: Ma Similarity: 0.48

Chinese petrol blast kills four Similarity: 0.46

Taiwan-China row over judge may plunge WTO into crisis Similarity: 0.37

6 days before.

Sarkozy pressures China on yuan's value Similarity: 0.76

Darfur rebels tell China peacekeepers to go home (AFP) Similarity: 0.39

Admire Moon wins Japan Cup Similarity: 0.34

5 days before.

Sarkozy wins China 20bn euro deal Similarity: 0.85

China: joint team to visit North Korea nuclear site Similarity: 0.45

Rio Tinto cites growth prospects as reason for rejecting BHP bid Similarity: 0.31

4 days before.

Sarkozy presses China on yuan value Similarity: 0.89

China fund to invest in Japanese stocks Similarity: 0.52

Blast in China firecracker workshop kills 13 Similarity: 0.35

3 days before.

EU joins China in currency moves pact Similarity: 0.93

Options open as Dalai Lama stokes succession debate Similarity: 0.43

2 days before.

US claims victory in subsidies battle with China Similarity: 0.93

No country is an island Similarity: 0.39

China Fireworks Explosion Leaves 11 Dead Similarity: 0.36

1 day before.

China fund looks to Middle East as model Similarity: 0.90

China snub over US ships deliberate Similarity: 0.64

Ma unveils economic platform Similarity: 0.38

1 day after.

Weak renminbi ‘not to blame’ for trade gap Similarity: 0.92

Democracy champion wins HK poll Similarity: 0.37

2 days after.

China Railway rises over 50% in debut Similarity: 0.91

China urged to end "child labour" in schools Similarity: 0.35

3 days after.

Charles Pretzlik: Abramovich’s Highland clearance Similarity: 0.89

Presence of top CPC officials at other parties' congresses shows a greater will towards multi-party co-op Similarity: 0.37

4 days after.

China youth crime 'in rapid rise' Similarity: 0.82

Chinese steel makers consider a bid for Rio Tinto Similarity: 0.31

Sinopec, Kuwait get OK to start oil refinery project Similarity: 0.42

5 days after.

Mine explosion traps 50 in China Similarity: 0.79

Japanese violin-playing robot Similarity: 0.31

Gazprom-China Talks Slow over Price Similarity: 0.31

6 days after.

Investment banks sign up China partners Similarity: 0.89

China mine blast death toll climbs Similarity: 0.32

China's presence in Africa a challenge to EU Similarity: 0.39

Rare Chinese tiger fights for survival... in South Africa (AFP) Similarity: 0.41

7 days after.

Chinese stakes Similarity: 0.86

China says father of bird flu victim recovering Similarity: 0.39


China krönt Chinesin zur Miss World: Die schönste Frau der Welt Similarity: 0.37


La representante de China se hace con el título de Miss Mundo Similarity: 0.34

China podría estar espiando los sistemas informáticos de empresas británicas, según el MI5 Similarity: 0.32


Coup de chaud sur la Chine Similarity: 0.42

Miss Chine remporte le titre de Miss Monde Similarity: 0.38

Le satisfecit de Louisa Hanoune Similarity: 0.30


La più bella del pianeta è una cinese Similarity: 0.30


Miss China is Miss World Similarity: 0.36


Voleibol: Brasil conquista lugar em Pequim Similarity: 0.38

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