Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sarkozy pressures China on yuan's value  de  es  fr  it  nl  ar  pt  sv

A fair exchange rate for the Chinese yuan is a critical component of balanced global ties, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France said Sunday in Xian, China.

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

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France faces fifth day of strikes Similarity: 0.32

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FTSE gives up gains Similarity: 0.78

French "spiderman" scales peak Similarity: 0.42

French protest enters sixth day Similarity: 0.31

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Premier says China needs to prevent stock market bubble Similarity: 0.77

Tibetan gets 8 years for anti-China act (AP) Similarity: 0.38

France gripped by massive strike Similarity: 0.31

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Chinese investment plans ‘still alive’ Similarity: 0.76

Nicolas Sarkozy to defy French strikers Similarity: 0.37

East Asian leaders focus on emissions and free trade Similarity: 0.32

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Chinese bluster on Tibet and Taiwan Similarity: 0.74

2 days before.

On the production line Similarity: 0.79

Beijing turns preacher over Dalai Lama Similarity: 0.38

French transport strike ends Similarity: 0.33

1 day before.

Far from Beijing's reach, officials bend energy rules Similarity: 0.79

Chinese petrol blast kills four Similarity: 0.40

France cracks down on illegal downloading Similarity: 0.35

Taiwan-China row over judge may plunge WTO into crisis Similarity: 0.32

1 day after.

Sarkozy wins China 20bn euro deal Similarity: 0.88

China: joint team to visit North Korea nuclear site Similarity: 0.39

2 days after.

Sarkozy presses China on yuan value Similarity: 0.88

Blast in China firecracker workshop kills 13 Similarity: 0.31

China fund to invest in Japanese stocks Similarity: 0.34

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French riots continue to spread Similarity: 0.35

EU joins China in currency moves pact Similarity: 0.79

Options open as Dalai Lama stokes succession debate Similarity: 0.36

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US claims victory in subsidies battle with China Similarity: 0.79

Sarkozy blames Paris riots on 'thugocracy' Similarity: 0.42

China Fireworks Explosion Leaves 11 Dead Similarity: 0.32

5 days after.

China fund looks to Middle East as model Similarity: 0.80

China snub over US ships deliberate Similarity: 0.34

Sarkozy pushes for price curbs Similarity: 0.45

6 days after.

Chinese fashion goes back to future with new 'red chic' Similarity: 0.76

BYD set to list mobile division in HK Similarity: 0.31

Sarkozy urges France to work harder Similarity: 0.43

7 days after.

Weak renminbi ‘not to blame’ for trade gap Similarity: 0.75

Democracy champion wins HK poll Similarity: 0.32


ساركوزي يبدأ زيارة للصين تهيمن عليها القضايا الاقتصادية Similarity: 0.43


Sarkozy besucht China Similarity: 0.50


Nicolas Sarkozy inicia su primer viaje oficial a China Similarity: 0.55

Presidente ecuatoriano no volverá a hacer tránsito en aeropuertos de EEUU Similarity: 0.31


Les demandes de Sarkozy à la Chine Similarity: 0.62

Airbus s'estime menacé par l'euro fort Similarity: 0.56

Après les retraites, Sarkozy est attendu sur le pouvoir d'achat (Reuters) Similarity: 0.43

Pouvoir d'achat : débat entre tenants d'une politique volontariste et partisans de l'orthodoxie financière. Similarity: 0.40

Des rebelles du Darfour menacent les Casques bleus chinois Similarity: 0.35

Kouchner l’a déclaré hier à Paris à l’occasion de la visite de Medelci “Nous voulons faire de l’Algérie un partenaire de premier choix” Par : Similarity: 0.32


Sarkozy per la prima volta in Cina da Presidente Similarity: 0.48


Sarkozy wil waardestijging Chinese munt Similarity: 0.42


O presidente francês encontra-se de visita à China sendo a sua primeira deslocação oficial àquele pais Similarity: 0.48


Gruvdamm brast i Kina Similarity: 0.33

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