Friday, November 23, 2007

Arab states to join Mideast peace meet (AFP)  de  es  fr  it  nl  ar  da  pt  tr

AFP - Arab states, including regional powerhouse Saudi Arabia, agreed on Friday to attend a US-hosted conference next week, giving a boost to Washington's efforts to revive the stagnant Middle East peace process.

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Start date: Saturday, April 21, 2007

7 days before.

The Palestinian path to peace does not go via Annapolis Similarity: 0.72

6 days before.

Palestinians seek pre-conference settlement freeze (Reuters) Similarity: 0.78

Football: Israel give England hope Similarity: 0.31

5 days before.

Israel pressed to make bolder moves before meeting (Reuters) Similarity: 0.83

4 days before.

Israeli concessions boost peace hopes Similarity: 0.82

Abbas negotiator says no document for Annapolis Similarity: 0.48

3 days before.

Olmert optimism on peace chance Similarity: 0.89

2 days before.

Arab states may boycott US Middle East peace summit Similarity: 0.91

US commander gives part credit to Syria for military gains in Iraq (AFP) Similarity: 0.48

1 day before.

Abbas tells Arab nations: join summit Similarity: 0.94

1 day after.

Leader: Deja vu, again, with Annapolis talks Similarity: 0.95

2 days after.

Syria sending minister to Annapolis Similarity: 0.91

ANALYSIS-Hamas, from sidelines, speaks in different voices Similarity: 0.38

3 days after.

Bush to meet Palestinian and Israeli leaders for Middle East peace Similarity: 0.88

4 days after.

New Mid-East peace drive Similarity: 0.84

5 days after.

Bush launches new Mid-East talks Similarity: 0.84

Annapolis is picturesque backdrop for peace talks Similarity: 0.36

6 days after.

Olmert warns of 'end of Israel' Similarity: 0.80

42 percent Israelis say Annapolis a failure: poll (AFP) Similarity: 0.41

Kissinger's Israeli nuclear fears Similarity: 0.36

7 days after.

Bush announces Middle East peace push Similarity: 0.80

A payoff for Syrians: Seats at the table, at least Similarity: 0.53

Tunisia: Country Takes Part in International Peace Conference Similarity: 0.40


المعارضة في غزة تعقد مؤتمرات احتجاجا على أنابوليس Similarity: 0.32


Arabiske ministre mødes forud for fredsmøde i Annapolis Similarity: 0.33


Treffen in Annapolis: Arabische Staaten wollen zur Friedenskonferenz kommen Similarity: 0.44


Arabia Saudí participará en Annapolis, Siria aún no lo ha dejado claro Similarity: 0.54


Les pays arabes progressent avant la conférence d'Annapolis (Reuters) Similarity: 0.64


LUNEDì Protesta contro il vertice di Annapolis nei Territori. Hamas, il... Similarity: 0.32


Geen vredesdocument Israël en Palestijnen Similarity: 0.34

Arabische Liga naar vredesconferentie Similarity: 0.32


Arábia Saudita entre países árabes que vão participar na reunião de Annapolis Similarity: 0.36

Israel vai reduzir fornecimento de electricidade a Gaza Similarity: 0.43


Annapolis'e Suriye şartı Similarity: 0.38

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