Wednesday, October 24, 2007

China set for lunar probe launch  de  es  fr  it  nl  da  pt  ru  sv  tr

The scheduled launch of the Chang'e 1 orbiter comes just weeks after China's regional rival Japan put one in orbit over the moon in a big leap forward for Asia's undeclared space race. India is likely to join the rivalry soon, with plans to send its own lunar probe into space in April. China's launch was expected to take place at 6 p.

cnn 8:20:00 AM CEST

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

China criticises Bush-Dalai Lama meeting Similarity: 0.72

China's Citic seeks to take a stake in Bear Stearns Similarity: 0.38

6 days before.

US ambassador feels China's wrath over Dalai Lama award Similarity: 0.78

China Enterprises Index up 0.49% Similarity: 0.30

5 days before.

US websites 'hijacked' by Chinese hackers Similarity: 0.83

Inflation set to remain high Similarity: 0.30

4 days before.

U.S. Investors Drawn to China's Version of Detroit Similarity: 0.82

Chinese Communists hone in on leadership (AP) Similarity: 0.37

Chinese state firms’ profits up 31 percent Similarity: 0.32

3 days before.

Powerful Chinese leaders retire Similarity: 0.74

Tibetan monks "clash" with police over Dalai Lama Similarity: 0.35

2 days before.

Communists find a place at the table for China's new entrepreneurs Similarity: 0.85

Two younger recruits unveiled as likely heirs to China's Hu Jintao Similarity: 0.32

1 day before.

Taiwan chief carries torch for UN place Similarity: 0.81

European Union proposes joining U.S. and Japan to fight piracy Similarity: 0.41

1 day after.

China economy to exceed Germany's Similarity: 0.90

Report: Tibet monastery sealed Similarity: 0.40

2 days after.

Pollution shrouds Beijing as Games approach Similarity: 0.39

Open bet on future of emerging markets Similarity: 0.76

ICBC buys into Standard Similarity: 0.31

Chinese economy grew 11.5% in Q3 Similarity: 0.37

3 days after.

China's Olympic torch relay: 'Harmony' the goal Similarity: 0.80

5 days after.

China arrests 774 in safety drive Similarity: 0.82

Taiwan semiconductor output overtakes United States Similarity: 0.32

6 days after.

State funds and banks lead China’s hunt Similarity: 0.84

Red carpet for Dalai Lama Similarity: 0.39

'Misleading' marriage ads banned Similarity: 0.35

7 days after.

China pushes up fuel prices Similarity: 0.84

Beijing apologises after Olympic ticket sales suspended (AFP) Similarity: 0.35

Chinese guards fired on Tibetans: group Similarity: 0.34

4 days after.

EU trade chief rebuked on China Similarity: 0.81

Coal Use Grows Despite Warming Worries Similarity: 0.41

China lights ‘longest’ firecracker string Similarity: 0.36


Kina: Rumfartøj på vej til Månen Similarity: 0.45


China startete ersten Mondflug Similarity: 0.38


China lanza el satélite "Chang E I", el primer paso de su programa lunar Similarity: 0.56

China desbanca a Alemania como líder exportador mundial Similarity: 0.35

Tres heridos en tiroteo agentes de DNCD y PN Similarity: 0.31

ECONOMIA - La reducción de la deuda pública abre la puerta a nuevas rebajas fiscales Similarity: 0.30


La Chine lance son premier satellite lunaire Similarity: 0.61

Apple termine l'année en apothéose Similarity: 0.33


La Cina lancia il suo primo satellite lunare Similarity: 0.37

Cina: incidente in miniera,12 morti Similarity: 0.34


China’s dictatuur verdient veel meer kritiek dan ze nu krijgt Similarity: 0.42


China lança primeiro satélite de exploração da Lua Similarity: 0.42

Taiwan: Presidente abre corrida em volta da Ilha para chegar à ONU Similarity: 0.35

Transportadora chinesa China Southern encomenda 10 Airbus Similarity: 0.33

Desabamento mata 12 pessoas em área de mineração chinesa Similarity: 0.44

Consultora portuguesa estuda criação do novo Centro para PMEs europeias em Pequim Similarity: 0.34


Китай запустил искусственный спутник Луны Similarity: 0.32


Satelliten Change 1 är ett delmål på Kinas väg till månen | Stormakterna rusar ut i rymden igen Similarity: 0.36


Çin'den ay keşfi için dev adım Similarity: 0.34

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