Saturday, October 20, 2007

U.S. Investors Drawn to China's Version of Detroit  de  es  fr  it  nl  tr

Traveling through the industrial, fast-growing city of Chongqing in central China, NPR Senior News Analyst Ted Koppel is examining the connections between Chinese workers, business and consumers and their U.S. counterparts.

NPRnews 1:19:00 AM CEST

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Keywords: China, United states / Xinhua News Agency, United Nations / chinese, beijing, taiwan, safety, trade, food, products

Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

Pressure on China as trade surplus soars Similarity: 0.89

Chinese watch political jockeying from sidelines (Reuters) Similarity: 0.44

China to move 4m from near dam Similarity: 0.40

6 days before.

Party Meeting to Reveal Hints About China's Future Similarity: 0.74

Chinese Vice-President set to retire Similarity: 0.48

Trade surplus falls, FDI high Similarity: 0.35

China sponsors quality-control training in its toy industry Similarity: 0.32

5 days before.

Taiwan talks offer but China firm on sovereignty Similarity: 0.73

4 days before.

Chinese president addresses party congress Similarity: 0.85

China Investment quashes speculation about its investments Similarity: 0.49

3 days before.

China criticises Bush-Dalai Lama meeting Similarity: 0.77

China's Citic seeks to take a stake in Bear Stearns Similarity: 0.42

2 days before.

US ambassador feels China's wrath over Dalai Lama award Similarity: 0.84

China Enterprises Index up 0.49% Similarity: 0.35

1 day before.

US websites 'hijacked' by Chinese hackers Similarity: 0.90

Inflation set to remain high Similarity: 0.37

1 day after.

Powerful Chinese leaders retire Similarity: 0.82

Role reversal at IMF as the rich come under fire Similarity: 0.44

Tibetan monks "clash" with police over Dalai Lama Similarity: 0.35

2 days after.

Communists find a place at the table for China's new entrepreneurs Similarity: 0.92

Two younger recruits unveiled as likely heirs to China's Hu Jintao Similarity: 0.36

3 days after.

Taiwan chief carries torch for UN place Similarity: 0.90

European Union proposes joining U.S. and Japan to fight piracy Similarity: 0.43

4 days after.

China set for lunar probe launch Similarity: 0.82

Leaders of foreign countries, parties congratulate Hu on re-election as CPC party chief Similarity: 0.42

RIM takes BlackBerry to China Similarity: 0.35

5 days after.

China economy to exceed Germany's Similarity: 0.86

Report: Tibet monastery sealed Similarity: 0.43

6 days after.

Pollution shrouds Beijing as Games approach Similarity: 0.44

Open bet on future of emerging markets Similarity: 0.79

ICBC buys into Standard Similarity: 0.36

Chinese economy grew 11.5% in Q3 Similarity: 0.44

7 days after.

China's Olympic torch relay: 'Harmony' the goal Similarity: 0.85


G7-Treffen - Dämpfer für Weltwirtschaft Similarity: 0.41

G7 zu Herbsttagung in Washington zusammengekommen Similarity: 0.39


Telefónica cierra un acuerdo con la china ZTE para llevar el 3G a Latinoamérica Similarity: 0.35


Le G7 veut rassurer les marchés financiers Similarity: 0.47


Cina: bloccato accesso a YouTube Similarity: 0.38

Cina: Pcc, Hu probabile numero uno Similarity: 0.34


Weer Nederlands record shorttrackster Van Doorn Similarity: 0.36

Chinese Li eerste finaliste Dutch Open Similarity: 0.31

106-jarige trouwt met 81-jarige Similarity: 0.35


"Ölünceye kadar ayrılmayacağız" Similarity: 0.38

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