Friday, October 19, 2007

US websites 'hijacked' by Chinese hackers  de  es  nl  fr  pt  tr

American websites have come under attack in China since President George W. Bush met the Dalai Lama in Washington this week.

telegraph 11:24:00 AM CEST

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

China raises high-speed railway hopes Similarity: 0.92

Chinese bid to isolate Dalai Lama won't work: Tibet envoy (AFP) Similarity: 0.58

4m people moved to protect dam Similarity: 0.37

6 days before.

Pressure on China as trade surplus soars Similarity: 0.91

Chinese watch political jockeying from sidelines (Reuters) Similarity: 0.49

China to move 4m from near dam Similarity: 0.41

5 days before.

Party Meeting to Reveal Hints About China's Future Similarity: 0.73

Chinese Vice-President set to retire Similarity: 0.54

Trade surplus falls, FDI high Similarity: 0.36

China sponsors quality-control training in its toy industry Similarity: 0.34

4 days before.

Taiwan talks offer but China firm on sovereignty Similarity: 0.77

3 days before.

Chinese president addresses party congress Similarity: 0.93

China Investment quashes speculation about its investments Similarity: 0.46

2 days before.

China criticises Bush-Dalai Lama meeting Similarity: 0.90

China's Citic seeks to take a stake in Bear Stearns Similarity: 0.41

1 day before.

US ambassador feels China's wrath over Dalai Lama award Similarity: 0.94

China Enterprises Index up 0.49% Similarity: 0.34

1 day after.

U.S. Investors Drawn to China's Version of Detroit Similarity: 0.90

Chinese Communists hone in on leadership (AP) Similarity: 0.48

Love is in the air in China Similarity: 0.32

Chinese state firms’ profits up 31 percent Similarity: 0.35

2 days after.

Powerful Chinese leaders retire Similarity: 0.85

Tibetan monks "clash" with police over Dalai Lama Similarity: 0.50

3 days after.

Communists find a place at the table for China's new entrepreneurs Similarity: 0.93

Two younger recruits unveiled as likely heirs to China's Hu Jintao Similarity: 0.43

4 days after.

Taiwan chief carries torch for UN place Similarity: 0.92

European Union proposes joining U.S. and Japan to fight piracy Similarity: 0.43

5 days after.

China set for lunar probe launch Similarity: 0.83

Leaders of foreign countries, parties congratulate Hu on re-election as CPC party chief Similarity: 0.47

RIM takes BlackBerry to China Similarity: 0.34

6 days after.

China economy to exceed Germany's Similarity: 0.85

Report: Tibet monastery sealed Similarity: 0.56

7 days after.

Pollution shrouds Beijing as Games approach Similarity: 0.46

Open bet on future of emerging markets Similarity: 0.82

ICBC buys into Standard Similarity: 0.34

Chinese economy grew 11.5% in Q3 Similarity: 0.41


China - Olympische Spiele dürfen nicht politisiert werden Similarity: 0.31

"Gefahr und Begierde": Wenn Obsession zur Liebe wird Similarity: 0.30

Börse Hongkong auf Rekordhoch Similarity: 0.34


El negocio de juegos para móviles crecerá en China un 150% anual hasta 2010 Similarity: 0.59


Smoby: l'ancien PDG se pose en victime Similarity: 0.34


Steun voor olympisch trio Similarity: 0.35

Willeboordse meldt zich af voor NK Similarity: 0.30

Nederlands record shorttrackster Van Doorn Similarity: 0.32


China saúda a aprovação do Tratado Reformador Similarity: 0.49

Alan Greenspan acredita em ‘crash’ na Bolsa chinesa Similarity: 0.33

Exportações causam 23% das emissões de CO2 na China Similarity: 0.33


Pelosi bu kez Çin’i kızdırdı Similarity: 0.52

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