Friday, October 12, 2007

Respect Iran sanctions, US warns  de  fr  nl  pt

The US on Friday warned China, Russia and other countries opposed to tougher economic sanctions against Iran not to seize business opportunities left open by the departure of those respecting the sanctions regime. Robert Kimmitt, US deputy treasury secretary, said he understood the concerns of....

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This cluster belong to the following story: Demonstrations at UK embassy in Iran

Keywords: Iran, United states, Iraq / UN Security Council, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad / iranian, tehran, nuclear, sanctions, enrichment, program, uranium

Start date: Saturday, December 2, 2006

7 days before.

Iran defiant over nuclear issue Similarity: 0.89

Iran speaker scraps EU speech Similarity: 0.39

Simon Tisdall: Calls grow for Iraq partition Similarity: 0.33

6 days before.

Bush dimisses an Iran military strike Similarity: 0.90

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Petraeus: Iran still fueling war in Iraq Similarity: 0.89

United States president tells Arab TV America is a 'country of peace' Similarity: 0.39

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Brown refuses to rule out attack on Iran Similarity: 0.88

Iowa poll puts Clinton atop in key state Similarity: 0.38

UK Iraq troops to be cut to 2,500 Similarity: 0.32

3 days before.

IAEA in Tehran for talks over Iran's atomic work Similarity: 0.88

War on terror a 'disaster', think tank says Similarity: 0.41

Iranian students protest president Similarity: 0.38

2 days before.

Putin says no hard evidence of Iranian nuclear weapons program Similarity: 0.92

1 day before.

Putin and Sarkozy still divided on Iran Similarity: 0.82

1 day after.

Clinton urges diplomacy with Iran (AP) Similarity: 0.91

2 days after.

'Plot to assassinate Putin' in Iran Similarity: 0.84

Iran jails pro-reform journalist Similarity: 0.41

3 days after.

Putin shrugs off assassination warnings Similarity: 0.81

4 days after.

Putin warns against Iran military action Similarity: 0.81

5 days after.

Vladimir Putin pledges to complete Iranian nuclear reactor Similarity: 0.87

6 days after.

Iranian leader says no nuclear proposal (AP) Similarity: 0.87

VENEZUELA/IRAN: Global oil and gas company mooted Similarity: 0.32

7 days after.

Defence shield offer to Russia 'makes progress' Similarity: 0.44

We can attack Iran, says US commander Similarity: 0.79


Mykonos-Attentäter: Bundesregierung bestreitet Deal hinter Freilassung Similarity: 0.32


Le bouclier antimissile ne fait pas l'unanimité Similarity: 0.40


Iran geeft IAEA-delegatie tekst en uitleg Similarity: 0.39


França: "Gafi" diz sistema financeiro Iraniano ajuda a financiar terrorismo Similarity: 0.32

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