Friday, October 12, 2007

China raises high-speed railway hopes  de  es  fr  nl  ar  it  pt

The Chinese government appears to have cleared the way for the construction of a high-speed railway between Beijing and Shanghai, raising hopes that one of the world’s biggest infrastructure projects may soon be on track after years of delay. In a one-sentence notice posted on its website, China’s....

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

Taiwan looks for allies before exchange float Similarity: 0.77

6 days before.

Powerful typhoon batters Taiwan Similarity: 0.67

China offers surprise hope in climate-change fight Similarity: 0.58

World Briefing | Asia: China: Doctors Agree Not to Take Organs From Prisoners Similarity: 0.44

UK 'exporting emissions' to China Similarity: 0.39

5 days before.

One million evacuated as storm hits China Similarity: 0.77

4 days before.

Millions flee killer storms Similarity: 0.88

China's richest is young woman Similarity: 0.42

Umbrellas raised for democracy in Hong Kong Similarity: 0.39

3 days before.

The EU and China will monitor Chinese clothing exports to Europe Similarity: 0.91

European finance ministers take aim at China's yuan Similarity: 0.33

2 days before.

China and Taiwan flex military muscles Similarity: 0.94

Tibetans storm into Chinese embassy in New Delhi Similarity: 0.40

N. Korea Marks Nuclear Test Anniversary Similarity: 0.33

1 day before.

Taiwan shows off military might Similarity: 0.92

Bush to honor Dalai Lama (AP) Similarity: 0.43

China, India biofuels threat to food output-report Similarity: 0.40

China to Move 4 Million From Three Gorges Similarity: 0.39

1 day after.

Pressure on China as trade surplus soars Similarity: 0.92

China to move 4m from near dam Similarity: 0.41

Chinese watch political jockeying from sidelines (Reuters) Similarity: 0.41

2 days after.

Party Meeting to Reveal Hints About China's Future Similarity: 0.77

Chinese Vice-President set to retire Similarity: 0.46

China sponsors quality-control training in its toy industry Similarity: 0.33

Trade surplus falls, FDI high Similarity: 0.43

3 days after.

Taiwan talks offer but China firm on sovereignty Similarity: 0.72

4 days after.

Chinese president addresses party congress Similarity: 0.86

China Investment quashes speculation about its investments Similarity: 0.47

5 days after.

China criticises Bush-Dalai Lama meeting Similarity: 0.80

China's Citic seeks to take a stake in Bear Stearns Similarity: 0.41

6 days after.

US ambassador feels China's wrath over Dalai Lama award Similarity: 0.87

China Enterprises Index up 0.49% Similarity: 0.34

7 days after.

US websites 'hijacked' by Chinese hackers Similarity: 0.92

Inflation set to remain high Similarity: 0.35


بوش يستقبل الدلاي لاما قبيل توشيح الكونغرس له Similarity: 0.32


Vier Millionen Chinesen müssen Großprojekt weichen Similarity: 0.38

China: Fünf Millionen Menschen müssen Staudamm weichen Similarity: 0.34


Superávit comercial chino alcanza los US$ 185.650 millones en primeros nueve meses del 2007 Similarity: 0.48

Bush entregará la medalla de oro del Congreso al Dalai Lama pese a las protestas del gobierno chino Similarity: 0.36

Gran cantidad de lápices de labios tienen plomo Similarity: 0.36


La Banque centrale de Chine pourrait changer de gouverneur Similarity: 0.52

L'excédent commercial chinois enregistre un record Similarity: 0.43


Divieti religiosi alle Olimpiadi, la Cina ritratta Similarity: 0.34


Chinees handelsoverschot blijft hoog Similarity: 0.42


EUA: Bush participará na homenagem ao Dalai Lama Similarity: 0.34

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