Monday, October 8, 2007

Millions flee killer storms  de  es  fr  nl  pt  ru  sv  tr

BEIJING, China (AP) -- A storm drenched China's southeast on Sunday after killing five people on Taiwan and prompting the evacuation of 1.4 million people on the mainland, officials said. In Vietnam, the death toll from a separate storm rose to 55. Krosa came ashore as a typhoon in China's Zhejiang....

cnn 12:03:00 AM CEST

This cluster belong to the following story: China angry at Taiwan’s move to join UN

Keywords: China, United states / Xinhua News Agency, United Nations / chinese, beijing, taiwan, safety, trade, food, products

Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

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Taiwanese exchanges Similarity: 0.77

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Taiwan looks for allies before exchange float Similarity: 0.65

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China offers surprise hope in climate-change fight Similarity: 0.70

Powerful typhoon batters Taiwan Similarity: 0.57

World Briefing | Asia: China: Doctors Agree Not to Take Organs From Prisoners Similarity: 0.44

UK 'exporting emissions' to China Similarity: 0.39

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One million evacuated as storm hits China Similarity: 0.72

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The EU and China will monitor Chinese clothing exports to Europe Similarity: 0.86

European finance ministers take aim at China's yuan Similarity: 0.32

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China and Taiwan flex military muscles Similarity: 0.87

Tibetans storm into Chinese embassy in New Delhi Similarity: 0.40

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Bush to honor Dalai Lama (AP) Similarity: 0.42

China to Move 4 Million From Three Gorges Similarity: 0.38

China, India biofuels threat to food output-report Similarity: 0.44

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China raises high-speed railway hopes Similarity: 0.88

Chinese bid to isolate Dalai Lama won't work: Tibet envoy (AFP) Similarity: 0.39

4m people moved to protect dam Similarity: 0.37

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Pressure on China as trade surplus soars Similarity: 0.88

China to move 4m from near dam Similarity: 0.40

Chinese watch political jockeying from sidelines (Reuters) Similarity: 0.42

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Party Meeting to Reveal Hints About China's Future Similarity: 0.61

Chinese Vice-President set to retire Similarity: 0.46

China sponsors quality-control training in its toy industry Similarity: 0.33

Trade surplus falls, FDI high Similarity: 0.37

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Taiwan talks offer but China firm on sovereignty Similarity: 0.69


Boom in der Stahlbranche ungebrochen Similarity: 0.39

Jährlich rund 7.500 Hinrichtungen in China Similarity: 0.35

Transrapid nimmt in China wieder Fahrt auf Similarity: 0.34

Shanghai von Taifun "Krosa" weitgehend verschont Similarity: 0.32


Pueblos enteros siguen bajo las aguas tras el paso del tifón Lekima que ha causado 64 muertos en Vietnam Similarity: 0.43

Rato se muestra optimista sobre el crecimiento económico pero valora los riesgos Similarity: 0.36

El madrugón rebaja las audiencias de la F1 Similarity: 0.36

Un banco chino comprará el 20% de la entidad de crédito estadounidense UCBH Similarity: 0.34


Les acieristes européens préparent une plainte anti-dumping contre leurs concurrents chinois Similarity: 0.59

Le péché d'orgueil des hommes forts Similarity: 0.33


Vrouw (26) is de rijkste Chinees Similarity: 0.36


União Europeia quer fim a subsídios da China às exportações de aço Similarity: 0.33

Tufão Krosa causa prejuízo de R$ 1 bi na China Similarity: 0.43

China: importações de petróleo subiram 18,1 por cento em oito meses Similarity: 0.43

Hong Kong: Milhares de pessoas pedem democracia Similarity: 0.31




06:58 Virus i en miljon kinesiska datorer Similarity: 0.34


Düğüm Brezilya'da çözülecek Similarity: 0.31

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