Thursday, August 10, 2006

Gaza-Egypt border briefly opens

The Rafah border crossing from the Gaza Strip to Egypt has briefly reopened in one direction after being closed for the past seven weeks. About 1,000 people crossed from Gaza into Egypt, among them students, businesspeople, and those needing medical care. But the crossing was closed hours again hours later, for security reasons.

bbc 3:31:00 PM CEST

7 days before.

2 Killed in Israeli Airstrikes in Gaza Similarity: 0.72

6 days before.

Two killed in Gaza by tank shell Similarity: 0.72

5 days before.

2 Killed in Israeli Strike in Gaza Similarity: 0.72

4 days before.

Four killed in Israeli attack Similarity: 0.49

3 days before.

Palestinian boy killed in Israeli raids Similarity: 0.49

1 day after.

Gaza border crossing to Egypt opens briefly Similarity: 0.84

5 days after.

2 Fox News Reporters Kidnapped in Gaza Similarity: 0.47

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