Sunday, July 30, 2006

At least 40 die in Israeli attack on Qana  de  es  fr  it  nl

At least 40 people, the majority women and children, have died in the southern Lebanese village of Qana in the largest single attack in the 19-day Israeli offensive against Hizbollah. More than 20 children were killed in the attack, which an Israeli army spokesmen said was aimed at destroying Hizbollah rocket launching sites.

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7 days before.

Bombing continues through the night Similarity: 0.69

UK split with Bush over Israel Similarity: 0.52

Israel 'breaking humanitarian law' Similarity: 0.35

Condoleezza Rice Due to arrive in Middle East Israel would accept peace force: minister Similarity: 0.34

Minister Critical Of Israel Holds Talks Full Story Similarity: 0.33

Lebanon crisis will last a long time: Olmert Similarity: 0.32

Iran leader's warning to Israel Similarity: 0.30

6 days before.

Israel captures two Hezbollah men Similarity: 0.74

Saudis press US to back ceasefire in Lebanon Similarity: 0.56

Rice to announce aid for Lebanon Similarity: 0.41

Hizbollah missiles kill two in Haifa Similarity: 0.32

Bush Orders Humanitarian Aid to Lebanon Similarity: 0.30

5 days before.

U.S. plan: Troops in Lebanon Similarity: 0.80

Lebanon aid: where you can donate Similarity: 0.36

4 days before.

14 Israeli Troops Killed by Hezbollah Similarity: 0.74

Why Hizbollah may be winning the battle for hearts and minds Similarity: 0.52

2 Dead, 2 Missing After U.N. Post Hit Similarity: 0.34

Diplomats Back Troops, but Not Cease-fire, for Mideast Similarity: 0.32

Hezbollah chief threatens a wider war Similarity: 0.31

3 days before.

Israel denies intention of Syrian war Similarity: 0.66

The fires of the Middle East cannot be contained Similarity: 0.53

Frustration as summit fails Similarity: 0.46

Rice Defends U.S. Over Mideast Cease-Fire Similarity: 0.42

Israel reels from rocket fire Similarity: 0.36

U.S. working on own plan for Lebanon after Rome summit fails Similarity: 0.34

Australian peacekeepers recalled Similarity: 0.33

2 days before.

U.N. Observers Leave Israel-Lebanon Border Similarity: 0.68

Israelis want more use of force against Hizbollah Similarity: 0.54

Rice to Return to Mideast to Work on Truce Similarity: 0.36

Bush, Blair Back Multinational Force Similarity: 0.35

Evacuations at-a-glance Similarity: 0.30

Israeli Troops Pull Out of Northern Gaza Similarity: 0.30

1 day before.

Timeline: Crisis in Lebanon Similarity: 0.73

UN 'may move on Lebanon force next week' Similarity: 0.55

Nasrallah says Rice mission to serve Israel Similarity: 0.43

Israel Rejects U.N. Request for Cease-Fire Similarity: 0.42

Main Syria-Lebanon crossing closed Similarity: 0.40

Blair defends Lebanon decision Similarity: 0.38

AP Blog: Dispatches From Mideast Conflict Similarity: 0.31

1 day after.

Israeli Defense Minister Vows More Attacks Similarity: 0.97

Olmert: No ceasefire in coming days Similarity: 0.31

Crisis unites a diverse nation Similarity: 0.31

2 days after.

Israel rejects calls for a ceasefire Similarity: 0.89

War pause may be 'this week,' Rice says (Joseph Curl) Similarity: 0.48

Iran's Foreign Minister Criticizes U.N. Similarity: 0.34

Bush Stance May Be Backfiring Similarity: 0.37

Ehud Olmert Not ready to stop Israel to widen ground offensive Similarity: 0.33

Israel lists conditions for peace Similarity: 0.36

3 days after.

Israel 'holds' Hezbollah fighters Similarity: 0.64


Mideast pressure mounts on Bush Similarity: 0.52

Egypt's First Lady Calls for Immediate Ceasefire in Lebanon Similarity: 0.31

EU rejects ceasefire call and UN fails to act as disunity prevails Similarity: 0.32

4 days after.

Hezbollah rockets kill 5 in Israel Similarity: 0.75


Israel Admits Mistakes in Deadly Raid Similarity: 0.66

1) 190 Hizbullah rockets hit Israel Similarity: 0.31

Resolution on Lebanon May Come Next Week Similarity: 0.33

5 days after.

Israeli army set for Lebanon push Similarity: 0.75

Bombs cut Lebanese lifeline Similarity: 0.32

France, U.S. Step Up Mideast Negotiating Similarity: 0.46

OIC members press UN for quick ceasefire Similarity: 0.39

Cease Fire Cannot be a Substitute for Policies Similarity: 0.34

Israeli regret over Qana bombing Similarity: 0.55

6 days after.

Tyre Israeli commandos hurt Israel clashes with Hezbollah in south Lebanon Similarity: 0.71

London marchers demand cease-fire Similarity: 0.31

Blair welcomes resolution Similarity: 0.30

France and U.S. Near Mideast Resolution Similarity: 0.33

Chance for Syria to end isolation Similarity: 0.37

7 days after.

Hezbollah rockets kill 11 in Israel Similarity: 0.69

Lebanon dismisses UN draft resolution Similarity: 0.53

Rice says UN resolution won’t end all fighting Similarity: 0.45

Israel Strikes Qana After Rocket Barrage Similarity: 0.64

Lebanon urges UN to demand Israeli pullout in truce resolution Similarity: 0.31

Hezbollah Kill 10 Israelis Similarity: 0.42

PM backs draft Mid East resolution Similarity: 0.32


Rice in Israel eingetroffen Similarity: 0.62

51 Tote bei Luftangriff im Libanon Similarity: 0.62

Rice trifft sich mit Olmert Similarity: 0.59

Libanesischer Regierungschef würdigt Hisbollah-Opfer Similarity: 0.57

Weltweiter Schock über israelischen Angriff Similarity: 0.55

Rice bemüht sich in Israel um Beruhigung der Lage Jerusalem (dpa) - US-Außenministerin Condoleezza Rice hat sich bei einem Treffen mit Israels Ministerpräsident Ehud Olmert um eine Beruhigung der Lage im Libanon-Konflikt bemüht. Dabei ging es laut israelischen Medien um die Bedingungen für die.... Similarity: 0.47

Dutzende Tote bei israelischem Luftangriff im Libanon Similarity: 0.45

Neuer Angriff auf UNO-Posten Similarity: 0.43

Israel hat "keine Eile" mit Waffenruhe im Libanon-Konflikt Similarity: 0.43

Israel bedauert zivile Opfer im Libanon Similarity: 0.43

35 Tote bei israelischem Luftangriff auf libanesisches Dorf Similarity: 0.34

Mindestens 56 Tote bei israelischem Angriff Similarity: 0.33

Zwei UN-Beobachter bei israelischem Luftangriff verletzt Beirut (dpa) - Bei einem israelischen Luftangriff auf einen Posten der UN-Friedensmission im Süden des Libanon sind zwei indische UN- Beobachter leicht verletzt worden. Das bestätigte ein UN-Sprecher. Similarity: 0.30

Luftangriffe auf Öltanks im Libanon lösen Umwelt-Katastrophe aus Beirut (dpa) - Israelische Luftangriffe auf die Öltanks eines libanesischen Elektrizitätswerks haben an der Küste des Landes eine Umwelt-Katastrophe ausgelöst. Ein Küstenabschnitt von mehr als 100 Kilometern sei von der Ölpest.... Similarity: 0.30


El líder de Hezbollah amenaza con atacar ciudades del centro de Israel Similarity: 0.62

Más de 20 muertos, la mayoría niños, en el bombardeo israelí a un edificio en Qana, al sur del Líbano Similarity: 0.57

El líder de Hizbolá anuncia más dolor e Israel rechaza la tregua humanitaria Similarity: 0.57

El alto el fuego de Israel se complica y Condoleezza Rice suspende su viaje a Beirut Similarity: 0.56

Tropas israelíes se replegaron ante acciones de resistencia de Hizbulá Similarity: 0.40


Plus de 50 civils tués au Liban sud, Rice renonce à aller à Beyrouth Similarity: 0.59

Le chef du Hezbollah menace Similarity: 0.58

Kofi Annan demande au Conseil de sécurité d'appeler au cessez-le-feu au Proche-Orient Similarity: 0.55

Nouvelle incursion israélienne au Liban sud, bombardements meurtriers à Cana Similarity: 0.48

La France marque ses distances avec les Etats-Unis sur le Liban Similarity: 0.42

Visite au Liban du ministre français Xavier Bertrand reportée de "quelques jours" Similarity: 0.37


Medio Oriente. Israele si ritira da Bint Jbeil. Raid israeliano: uccisi madre e i suoi 6 figli Similarity: 0.56

Strage: Israele bombarda Cana Similarity: 0.53


Missione a Gerusalemme della Rice Similarity: 0.53

Libano. Raid israeliano a Cana: 55 morti, anche molti bambini. Beirut: attacco barbaro e razzista Similarity: 0.52

Medio Oriente: almeno 54 morti a Cana, 37 sono bimbi Similarity: 0.49

Medio Oriente: la Rice non andra' a Beirut Similarity: 0.45

Medio Oriente: Libano, nuovi razzi su Haifa Similarity: 0.44

Rice: "Cessate il fuoco" Similarity: 0.41


Medio Oriente: Annan condanna strage Cana Similarity: 0.39

Parigi, 23:59 Similarity: 0.38

Libano: Siniora, "Ringrazio Hezbollah per loro sacrifici" Similarity: 0.38


tregua Similarity: 0.37

Beirut, evacuati gli uffici dell'Ue Similarity: 0.37


Medio Oriente: Berri, cambiano condizioni scambio prigionieri Similarity: 0.35


tregua Similarity: 0.33

Medio Oriente: incontro Rice-Livni Similarity: 0.32


Olmert: Inwoners Qana waren gewaarschuwd Similarity: 0.68

'Bezoek Rice aan Beiroet afgelast' Similarity: 0.66

Israëlisch leger trekt Zuid-Libanon opnieuw binnen Similarity: 0.58

Israël stopt tijdelijk met bombarderen Similarity: 0.56

Hezbollah: acht Israëliërs in Libanon gedood Similarity: 0.49

'Israël richt bloedbad in Zuid-Libanon aan' Similarity: 0.44

Israëlisch leger breidt grondoffensief in Libanon uit naar noorden Similarity: 0.42

Vijfduizend betogers in Brussel voor steun aan Libanezen Similarity: 0.41

Libanezen gedood bij luchtaanval Similarity: 0.40

Honderdduizenden Israëliërs gevlucht Similarity: 0.34

[12:23] Betogers vallen VN-kantoor in Beiroet aan Similarity: 0.34

Spoedzitting V-raad over Libanon Similarity: 0.34

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