Friday, July 28, 2006

U.N. Observers Leave Israel-Lebanon Border  de  es  fr  it  nl

U.N. Observers Leave Israel-Lebanon Border Friday July 28, 2006 2:16 PM AP Photo BEI103 BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - Unarmed United Nations observers were removed from their posts along the Israel-Lebanese border Friday, a spokesman said. The action came three days after four U.N.

guardian 3:32:00 PM CEST

7 days before.

Israeli planes pound Lebanon Similarity: 0.95

Arab World Deeply Split Over Fighting Similarity: 0.37

Buildings destroyed by Israeli air strikes in southern Beirut as the conflict entered its tenth day Similarity: 0.34

Siniora thanks King as Jordan plans more aid to Lebanon Fri, 21-07-2006 Similarity: 0.34

4 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Explosion Similarity: 0.30

6 days before.

Israel Massing Military on Lebanon Border Similarity: 0.90

Halutz: Ground operations will be limited in scope, we need weeks to complete military plan Similarity: 0.44

Rice rejects immediate Middle East ceasefire Similarity: 0.37

Humanitarian Aid Begins Arriving in Lebanon Similarity: 0.35

5 days before.

Bombing continues through the night Similarity: 0.90

In Iran's Streets, Aid to Hezbollah Stirs Resentment Similarity: 0.41

Israel 'breaking humanitarian law' Similarity: 0.41

U.S. unlikely to send troops to Lebanon Similarity: 0.40

Minister Critical Of Israel Holds Talks Full Story Similarity: 0.38

Iran leader's warning to Israel Similarity: 0.37

UK split with Bush over Israel Similarity: 0.36

Syria urges cease-fire Similarity: 0.33

Condoleezza Rice Due to arrive in Middle East Israel would accept peace force: minister Similarity: 0.32

4 days before.

Israel captures two Hezbollah men Similarity: 0.91

Saudis press US to back ceasefire in Lebanon Similarity: 0.33

Oil Prices Fall As Rice Arrives in Mideast Similarity: 0.32

Bush Orders Humanitarian Aid to Lebanon Similarity: 0.32

Nasrallah: Invasion will not stop rockets Similarity: 0.32

3 days before.

U.S. plan: Troops in Lebanon Similarity: 0.86

Lebanon aid: where you can donate Similarity: 0.32

Saudi king calls for Mideast cease-fire Similarity: 0.31

2 days before.

14 Israeli Troops Killed by Hezbollah Similarity: 0.87

Israel-Hezbollah fighting continues: press Similarity: 0.46

Hezbollah chief threatens a wider war Similarity: 0.40

2 Dead, 2 Missing After U.N. Post Hit Similarity: 0.38

Why Hizbollah may be winning the battle for hearts and minds Similarity: 0.34

1 day before.

Israel denies intention of Syrian war Similarity: 0.94

The fires of the Middle East cannot be contained Similarity: 0.39

Frustration as summit fails Similarity: 0.37

U.S. working on own plan for Lebanon after Rome summit fails Similarity: 0.36

Israel reels from rocket fire Similarity: 0.36

Rice Defends U.S. Over Mideast Cease-Fire Similarity: 0.34

Soldiers walked into an ambush near Hezbollah stronghold Similarity: 0.34

Israel Cabinet talks conflict expansion Similarity: 0.32

Rocket Slams Into Israeli Detergent Plant Similarity: 0.30

1 day after.

Timeline: Crisis in Lebanon Similarity: 0.95

UN 'may move on Lebanon force next week' Similarity: 0.34

Nasrallah says Rice mission to serve Israel Similarity: 0.37

Blair defends Lebanon decision Similarity: 0.35

NBC: What role can Syria play? Similarity: 0.39

Main Syria-Lebanon crossing closed Similarity: 0.33

Israel Rejects U.N. Request for Cease-Fire Similarity: 0.40

Hezbollah Not on Russia's Terrorist List Similarity: 0.32

2 days after.

At least 40 die in Israeli attack on Qana Similarity: 0.68

Israel rejects truce as Rice arrives in Mideast Similarity: 0.45

Protesters break into U.N. building Similarity: 0.34

Abbas keen on end to conflict with Israel Similarity: 0.38

Nasrallah to Lebanese: Stand strong Similarity: 0.32

Strategy: Iran Hangs in Suspense As the Conflict Plays Out Similarity: 0.51

3 days after.

Israeli Defense Minister Vows More Attacks Similarity: 0.68

Crisis unites a diverse nation Similarity: 0.40

4 days after.

Israel rejects calls for a ceasefire Similarity: 0.83

War pause may be 'this week,' Rice says (Joseph Curl) Similarity: 0.36

Iran's Foreign Minister Criticizes U.N. Similarity: 0.41

Bush Stance May Be Backfiring Similarity: 0.43

Ehud Olmert Not ready to stop Israel to widen ground offensive Similarity: 0.40

EU calls for end to hostilities Similarity: 0.32

Israel lists conditions for peace Similarity: 0.38

5 days after.

Israel 'holds' Hezbollah fighters Similarity: 0.89


Mideast pressure mounts on Bush Similarity: 0.47

EU won't label Hezbollah 'terrorist' group Similarity: 0.41

6 days after.

Hezbollah rockets kill 5 in Israel Similarity: 0.93


Resolution on Lebanon May Come Next Week Similarity: 0.32

Israeli air raid kills young woman Similarity: 0.44

7 days after.

Israeli army set for Lebanon push Similarity: 0.88

Shiites hold pro-Hezbollah rally Similarity: 0.33

France, U.S. Step Up Mideast Negotiating Similarity: 0.43

Israel pounds south Beirut despite warning Similarity: 0.31

OIC members press UN for quick ceasefire Similarity: 0.44


180 israelische Angriffe in 24 Stunden Similarity: 0.71

Israel nach Drohungen der Hisbollah in erhöhter Alarmbereitschaft Similarity: 0.68

Israel plant keine Ausweitung der Libanon-Offensive Similarity: 0.58

UNO soll Libanon-Friedenstruppe vorbereiten Similarity: 0.53

Israel verstärkt Luftangriffe Similarity: 0.48

Deutschland vermittelt angeblich bei Soldaten-Entführung im Libanon Similarity: 0.44

Sicherheitsrat verzichtet auf Verurteilung Israels Similarity: 0.44

Bush und Blair für Truppen für Libanon Similarity: 0.43

Libanon: Uno fordert Feuerpause Similarity: 0.37

UN verstärken Hilfstransporte in den Südlibanon Similarity: 0.36

FDP will Erntehelfer-Regelung kippen Berlin (dpa) - Die FDP-Fraktion im Bundestag will die umstrittene Erntehelfer-Regelung zum verstärkten Einsatz von Arbeitslosen kippen. Nach der Sommerpause werde man einen Antrag zur Korrektur der Regelung im Parlament einbringen, kündigte der FDP-Agrarpolitiker Hans-Michael Goldmann in Berlin an. Similarity: 0.34

Nationaler Sicherheitsrat tagt zu Nahost Similarity: 0.32

Israel mobilisiert Zehntausende Reservisten Similarity: 0.31


La ONU desplaza a observadores del Líbano Similarity: 0.85

Pentágono planificó ataque contra el Líbano Similarity: 0.50

Olmert ordena arrasar el sur del Líbano con bombardeos aéreos Similarity: 0.43

Israel prosigue su ofensiva al sentirse respaldado por la cumbre de Roma Similarity: 0.35

Los bombardeos israelíes entran en su decimoséptimo día Similarity: 0.32


L'aviation israélienne intensifie ses raids au Liban Similarity: 0.58

Hezbollah tire pour la 1ère fois des missiles sur Afoula Similarity: 0.46

George Bush veut déployer "rapidement" une force internationale au Liban Similarity: 0.33


Medio Oriente. Libano, colpite le rampe di lancio Hezbollah a Tiro. Israele rassicura Damasco:nessun attacco alla Siria Similarity: 0.74



Medio Oriente: nuovi razzi iraniani per Hezbollah Similarity: 0.63

Gli Hezbollah colpiscono Haifa Prodi: 'Nessun placet alla guerra' Similarity: 0.63

Il libano piange 600 morti Similarity: 0.58

Hezbollah lanciano nuovo razzo Blair e Bush: 'Una forza di pace' L'Onu chiede tregua di 72 ore Similarity: 0.51



Medio Oriente: da Bush e Blair si' a una forza multinazionale Similarity: 0.33


'Onbekende' raket afgeschoten op Israël Similarity: 0.73

Israël bombardeert 130 doelen op een nacht Similarity: 0.64

Bush wil "snel" multinationale troepenmacht naar Libanon Similarity: 0.56

VS: geen fiat aan Israël voor voortzetten acties Similarity: 0.54

[09:47] Opnieuw Israëlische luchtaanvallen op Hezbollah-doelen Similarity: 0.51

VN willen ,,humanitaire pauze" in strijd Similarity: 0.46

Voetbal: Liverpool wil niet naar Israël Similarity: 0.41

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