Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hamas Postpones Showdown Over Israeli Recognition Vote  de  fr  nl

Hamas Postpones Showdown Over Israeli Recognition Vote By Nidal al-Mughrabi Reuters GAZA Strip -- The ruling Hamas militant group Tuesday delayed a parliamentary showdown with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas over his call for a referendum on statehood, saying it wanted to allow more time for dialogue.

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7 days before.

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Palestinian leaders hold meeting Similarity: 0.57

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Analysis: Split deepens between Hamas' political, military wings Similarity: 0.58

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Israel bedauert Tod dreier Kinder im Gazastreifen Similarity: 0.51


Le Hamas réaffirme qu'il ne reconnaîtra pas Israël Similarity: 0.61

Gaza: raid israélien Similarity: 0.34


Israël: leger niet achter bloedbad Palestijns strand Similarity: 0.31

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