Wednesday, June 14, 2006

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Israeli missiles kill 10 in Gaza By Harvey Morris in Jerusalem Published: June 13 2006 16:32 | Last updated: June 13 2006 19:08 An Israeli airborne missile strike on Tuesday killed 10 Palestinians, two of them schoolchildren, in a populous neighbourhood of Gaza City, Palestinian hospital officials said.

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7 days before.

OPT: Israeli helicopters strike on Gaza City Similarity: 0.63

Hamas Agrees to Scale Down Militia in Gaza Similarity: 0.35

6 days before.

Report: Israeli Air Force Fires Missiles Similarity: 0.51

Despite Deal, Hamas Still on Gaza Streets Similarity: 0.31

Palestinians: 3 dead in Gaza clashes Similarity: 0.31

5 days before.

Hamas calls off truce with Israel Similarity: 0.64

Palestinians: Israelis kill 7 on Gaza beach Similarity: 0.46

Artillery fire kills 13, wounds dozens in northern Gaza Similarity: 0.36

Israeli prime minister meets Jordan king over West Bank Similarity: 0.32

4 days before.

Abbas sets July vote on Palestinian state Similarity: 0.74

Hamas admits firing Kassam for first time in 16 months Similarity: 0.38

Lebanon nabs Jihad man's alleged killer Similarity: 0.35

3 days before.

Amid Violence, Abbas Sets Date for Vote Similarity: 0.70

Israel Fires Missiles at Militants in Gaza Similarity: 0.43

Profile: Ehud Olmert Similarity: 0.38

Israel: Final Peace Talks Unrealistic Similarity: 0.33

2 days before.

Hamas Lawmakers Seek to Block Referendum Similarity: 0.51

Olmert makes case for enforced 're-alignment' Similarity: 0.36

1 day before.

Israeli missiles kill 10 in Gaza Similarity: 0.93

Blair urges negotiated Mideast solution Similarity: 0.33

Israeli Airstrike Kills 10 Palestinians Similarity: 0.33

Fatah Gunmen Go on Anti-Hamas Rampage Similarity: 0.31

1 day after.

Hamas Offers to Renew Truce With Israel Similarity: 0.54

2 days after.

Palestinians Fire Rockets Into Israel Similarity: 0.81

3 days after.

Israel kills Islamic Jihad fighter Similarity: 0.71

4 days after.

International Sponsors OK Palestinian Aid Similarity: 0.40

5 days after.

Hamas, Fatah Closer to Deal on Israel Similarity: 0.42

Apology follows Pantsil gesture Similarity: 0.35

6 days after.

Middle East leaders 'due to meet' Similarity: 0.39

Hamas, Fatah agree on Israel's right to exist Similarity: 0.35

Israeli missile hits Gaza building Similarity: 0.72

Israeli Airstrike Kills Teen, 2 Children Similarity: 0.34

7 days after.

'Israel missile' kills Gaza woman Similarity: 0.84

Palestinians: Israeli missile kills 2 in Gaza home Similarity: 0.38

Palestinian dies in West Bank clashes Similarity: 0.34


Nahost: Olmert genehmigt Waffenlieferung an Abbas Similarity: 0.53

Chirac gegen Olmerts einseitige Grenzziehungspläne Similarity: 0.50

Abbas zu Verzicht auf Referendum bereit Similarity: 0.45

Abbas besteht nicht auf Referendum Similarity: 0.35


Funcionarios palestinos irrumpen en el Parlamento y atacan a los diputados de Hamás  Similarity: 0.39


Olmert tente de rallier Chirac sur la Cisjordanie Similarity: 0.46

Nouveau round de discussion contre la violence Similarity: 0.34

Israël nie toute implication dans le drame de la plage de Gaza Similarity: 0.32


'Noi siamo pronti a un cessate il fuoco che duri 60 anni' Similarity: 0.59

Medioriente: comandante forze Anp ferito a Gaza Similarity: 0.31


Palestijnen beginnen nieuwe ronde van overleg Similarity: 0.50

Nieuwe lezing Israël over dode Palestijnen Similarity: 0.45

[11:06] Palestijnse ambtenaren bestormen parlement Similarity: 0.31

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