Thursday, June 1, 2006

Palestinian Security Officers Demand Pay  de  fr  it  nl

Palestinian Security Officers Demand Pay Thursday June 1, 2006 12:16 PM AP Photo JRL112 By IBRAHIM BARZAK Associated Press Writer GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Hundreds of armed police officers protested outside the Palestinian parliament building on Thursday to demand overdue salaries, raising fears....

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7 days before.

Fatah, Hamas to hold talks in bid to end violence Similarity: 0.78

6 days before.

Hamas Pulls Private Militia Off Streets Similarity: 0.77

5 days before.

Hamas rejects Abbas' border plan deadline Similarity: 0.77

4 days before.

Abbas Urges Hamas to Recognize Israel Similarity: 0.72

3 days before.

Abbas begins meetings with Hamas Similarity: 0.53

Hamas: Referendum on Israel's right to exist waste of money Similarity: 0.34

2 days before.

Haniyeh vows to pay 40,000 salaries, doesn't explain how Similarity: 0.54

The Big Question: Can Hamas and Fatah ever agree on how to negotiate with Israel? Similarity: 0.49

Israelis Launch Gaza Ground Operation Similarity: 0.32

1 day after.

Hamas Similarity: 0.83

2 days after.

Fatah deploys militia in West Bank Similarity: 0.79

3 days after.

Palestinian PM Rejects Referendum Call Similarity: 0.80

Free loans for Palestinians Similarity: 0.34

4 days after.

Abbas, Hamas fail to reach deal Similarity: 0.75

Gaza blast kills Hamas militant Similarity: 0.37

Hamas Militants Storm Palestinian Facility Similarity: 0.31

5 days after.

Abbas to Call Referendum on Israel Similarity: 0.66

Anti-Hamas pressure hits man in street Similarity: 0.46

Militants storm office of Palestinian state-run TV Similarity: 0.40

6 days after.

Hamas Agrees to Scale Down Militia in Gaza Similarity: 0.78

7 days after.

Despite Deal, Hamas Still on Gaza Streets Similarity: 0.76


Palästinensische Polizisten stürmen im Streit um Gehälter Parlament Similarity: 0.52


Les forces de sécurité s'en prennent au parlement à Gaza Similarity: 0.47




[12:26] Palestijnse politie eist loon op Similarity: 0.57

Ontmoeting Olmert-Abbas eind juni Similarity: 0.32

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