Monday, May 29, 2006

Abbas begins meetings with Hamas  de  es  fr  nl

The Palestinian president has begun 10 days of intensive talks with Hamas and other factions aimed at persuading them to accept a plan that implicitly calls for the recognition of Israel. Mahmoud Abbas and about two dozen officials from various factions met behind closed doors for around three hours on Sunday in Abbas' office in Ramallah.

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7 days before.

Jordanian dies in Gaza crossfire Similarity: 0.56

Israel sends delayed $11M to Palestinians Similarity: 0.45

6 days before.

Hamas says no to civil war Similarity: 0.60

Israel's PM set for key US talks Similarity: 0.42

5 days before.

Gunmen kill Hamas member in Gaza Similarity: 0.49

Israel's prime minister: We cannot wait forever Similarity: 0.45

Israel to delay borders plan Similarity: 0.41

A Top Hamas Fugitive Caught in West Bank Similarity: 0.32

4 days before.

Fatah, Hamas to hold talks in bid to end violence Similarity: 0.72

Olmert: 'We cannot wait forever' Similarity: 0.38

4 Palestinians killed in Israeli raid in Ramallah Similarity: 0.31

3 days before.

Hamas Pulls Private Militia Off Streets Similarity: 0.80

2 days before.

Hamas rejects Abbas' border plan deadline Similarity: 0.78

1 day before.

Abbas Urges Hamas to Recognize Israel Similarity: 0.84

1 day after.

Israelis Launch Gaza Ground Operation Similarity: 0.34

The Big Question: Can Hamas and Fatah ever agree on how to negotiate with Israel? Similarity: 0.57

3 days after.

Palestinian Security Officers Demand Pay Similarity: 0.53

Palestinians waiting for Israel's response on resuming talks: official Similarity: 0.51

4 days after.

Hamas Similarity: 0.46

Meshaal opposes referendum call Similarity: 0.37

5 days after.

Fatah deploys militia in West Bank Similarity: 0.57

2 days after.

Can't pay public salaries. Hamas government says Similarity: 0.38

6 days after.

Palestinian PM Rejects Referendum Call Similarity: 0.62

Israeli PM to Meet Palestinian President Similarity: 0.36

Free loans for Palestinians Similarity: 0.31

7 days after.

Abbas, Hamas fail to reach deal Similarity: 0.82

Olmert ready to talk peace Similarity: 0.39


Abbas und Hamas beraten über Friedensplan mit Israel Similarity: 0.68

Israel bombardiert nach Raketenangriff Palästinenserziele im Libanon Tel Aviv (dpa) - Nach einem Raketenangriff aus dem Südlibanon auf einen Armeestützpunkt in Israel hat die israelische Luftwaffe Ziele im nördlichen Nachbarland angegriffen. Am Abend gelang es UN- Friedenstruppen, einen Waffenstillstand zu vermitteln. Similarity: 0.38

Israelische Armee verhindert palästinensischen Selbstmordanschlag Similarity: 0.38


Israel asegura haber destruido todas las posiciones de Hizbulá en la frontera libanesa Similarity: 0.40


En Palestine, le "dialogue national" engagé par Mahmoud Abbas divise le Hamas Similarity: 0.68

Violence à la frontière libano-israélienne Similarity: 0.49

Les Vingt-cinq approuvent la directive Bolkestein Similarity: 0.31


Israël vernietigt Hezbollah-posten bij Libanon Similarity: 0.33

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