Saturday, May 6, 2006

Gunmen Lead Militants' Funeral Procession  fr  it

Gunmen Lead Militants' Funeral Procession Saturday May 6, 2006 2:01 PM AP Photo AKCF101 By IBRAHIM BARZAK Associated Press Writer GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Threatening revenge and firing in the air, hundreds of gunmen led a funeral procession Saturday for five Palestinian militants killed in an Israeli air strike.

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7 days before.

Palestinian Territories Falling Into Chaos Similarity: 0.70

Israel accuses Palestinians of smuggling rockets into Gaza Similarity: 0.31

6 days before.

Ismail Haniyeh: PA's financial crisis to end 'very very soon' Similarity: 0.37

Hamas Involved in Karni Crossing Terror Attempt Similarity: 0.35

5 days before.

Gaza chaos goes on as Hamas struggles to rule Similarity: 0.71

PA Chair Mahmoud Abbas says will not seek 2nd term of office Similarity: 0.52

4 days before.

Gaza blast kills two Similarity: 0.50

Hamas moves to fix salary crisis Similarity: 0.35

Middle East envoy steps down Similarity: 0.31

3 days before.

Newsweek: Shutting off money for Hamas Similarity: 0.72

Hamas accuses US of blocking PA funds Similarity: 0.52

2 days before.

EU divided over Hamas policy Similarity: 0.45

1 day before.

Four Palestinian militants killed in IAF Gaza strike Similarity: 0.54

Abbas moots poll on peace deal Similarity: 0.53

EU to aid Abbas in plan to avert PA collapse Similarity: 0.49

US 'blocks' Palestinian aid plan Similarity: 0.45

1 day after.

Palestinians Strike for Overdue Salaries Similarity: 0.80

Hamas refuses to join Jordan inquiry Similarity: 0.34

2 days after.

3 Militants Killed in Gaza Fighting Similarity: 0.68

Olmert promises more West Bank settler evictions Similarity: 0.31

UN envoy flees Sudan refugee riot Similarity: 0.31

Alleged Hamas plot to kill Abbas foiled Similarity: 0.61

4 days after.

U.S. gives in on Palestinian aid Similarity: 0.40

Israel Gives Hamas Deadline to Negotiate Similarity: 0.50

Palestinian Militants End Internal Fights Similarity: 0.65

5 days after.

Prisoners soften stance on Israel Similarity: 0.66

Israeli Supplier Cuts Gas to Palestinians Similarity: 0.52

U.S. agrees to European plan for aid to Palestinians Similarity: 0.37

3 days after.

Mediators to tackle Hamas freeze Similarity: 0.64

Fatah supporters hurt in Gaza clash Similarity: 0.60

Israel 'seizes explosives haul' Similarity: 0.43

6 days after.

Hamas Supporters Help Palestinian Gov't Similarity: 0.67

7 days after.

Palestinians Aid Cash-Strapped Government Similarity: 0.59


Cinq Palestiniens tués par Israël Cinq Palestiniens ont été tués par l'armée israélienne vendredi, quatre dans un raid sur Gaza et un en Cisjordanie Similarity: 0.42

La régularisation automatique des immigrés supprimée >> Similarity: 0.35

Hausse de 6 % des tués sur les routes en avril Similarity: 0.34

L'examen du texte sur l'immigration reprendra mardi Similarity: 0.34

Immigration : l'examen reprend mardi Similarity: 0.31

Succès de foule pour la fête de l'Europe Similarity: 0.31


Medioriente: il "Quartetto" studia sistema per invio aiuti a Palestina Similarity: 0.44

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