Thursday, May 4, 2006

Tsunami aid money needs better accountability - envoy

04 May 2006 BANGKOK (Reuters) - The Indian Ocean tsunami triggered the largest ever outpouring of aid for a disaster, but the challenge now is to ensure the $13 billion (7 billion pounds) is well spent, a top recovery official said on Wednesday. "Given the magnitude of the contributions, it is....

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6 days before.

Abbas seeks support from Chirac Similarity: 0.68

5 days before.

Hamas accepts aid plan in principal Similarity: 0.73

1 day before.

Tsunami alert in Pacific Similarity: 0.33

1 day after.

Somali anarchy hinders food aid Similarity: 0.76

2 days after.

EU considering direct aid to Palestine Similarity: 0.73

4 days after.

Child sex-for-aid 'rife' in Liberia Similarity: 0.31

UN envoy flees Sudan refugee riot Similarity: 0.69

6 days after.

U.S. gives in on Palestinian aid Similarity: 0.68

7 days after.

U.S. agrees to European plan for aid to Palestinians Similarity: 0.61

5 days after.

Mediators to tackle Hamas freeze Similarity: 0.43

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