Friday, April 28, 2006

Abbas seeks support from Chirac  de  es  fr  nl

Mr Olmert is still courting two ultra-Orthodox parties, which would give him control of more than 80 seats in the 120-seat Knesset. This would help him push through parliament his plan to set Israel's borders by 2010 by withdrawing from some West Bank settlements and consolidating other larger ones.

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6 days before.

Abbas heads to Europe to plead for Palestinian aid Similarity: 0.81

Palestinian president vetoes Hamas police Similarity: 0.34

4 days before.

European Commission launches Humanitarian Aid support Similarity: 0.76

Hamas Militants Clash With Gaza Gunmen Similarity: 0.45

Arab League to transfer US$50 mln to Hamas-led Palestinian gov't Similarity: 0.34

3 days before.

Overhaul of $2.5bn aid program Similarity: 0.78

Palestinians Say Banks Afraid of U.S. Similarity: 0.39

Jordan: Militants Were Plotting Attack Similarity: 0.37

2 days before.

EU patience runs out on Greek Olympic air aid Similarity: 0.68

Abbas Seeks Conference on Mideast Conflict Similarity: 0.43

Hamas Says Banks Afraid of Transfers Similarity: 0.40

1 day before.

Hamas weighs proposals to ease isolation: officials Similarity: 0.42

1 day after.

Palestinian Territories Falling Into Chaos Similarity: 0.33

Hamas accepts aid plan in principal Similarity: 0.84

2 days after.

Ismail Haniyeh: PA's financial crisis to end 'very very soon' Similarity: 0.37

3 days after.

PA Chair Mahmoud Abbas says will not seek 2nd term of office Similarity: 0.42

5 days after.

Newsweek: Shutting off money for Hamas Similarity: 0.43

6 days after.

EU divided over Hamas policy Similarity: 0.42

Tsunami aid money needs better accountability - envoy Similarity: 0.68

7 days after.

Somali anarchy hinders food aid Similarity: 0.81

Abbas moots poll on peace deal Similarity: 0.34

EU to aid Abbas in plan to avert PA collapse Similarity: 0.54


Chirac: Finanzhilfen an Palästinenser beibehalten Similarity: 0.52

Finanzhilfe an Palästinenser muss laut Chirac weitergehen Similarity: 0.46

Chirac für Hilfszahlungen an Palästinenser Similarity: 0.43

Olmert bittet Deutschland um Unterstützung gegen Hamas Similarity: 0.39


Chirac propuso crear un fondo para ayudar a los palestinos Similarity: 0.41

Israel: el laborismo se une al gobierno Similarity: 0.32


Jacques Chirac reçoit Mahmoud Abbas Similarity: 0.47

Israël : Olmert veut réduire le nombre de colons Similarity: 0.34


Chirac: hetvat steun aan Palestijnen Similarity: 0.44

WFP: stijging noodhulp Palestijnen verwacht Similarity: 0.31

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