Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tel Aviv blast kills nine  de  es  it  nl

A suicide bomb attack on a crowded restaurant in Tel Aviv has left nine people dead including the bomber, Israeli police say. Another 50 people were injured in the blast, which occurred at The Mayor's Felafel restaurant, close to the central bus station in the crowded Neve Shaanan area on Monday afternoon.

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7 days before.

World Bank may sever contacts with the PA Similarity: 0.31

6 days before.

No agreement on UN statement on Israeli raids in Gaza Strip Similarity: 0.53

U.S Bans Money Going to Palestinian Gov't Similarity: 0.40

5 days before.

Hamas PM Says Financial Pressure Not Fatal Similarity: 0.32

4 days before.

Islamic Jihad: Attacks on Israel to go on despite IDF crackdown Similarity: 0.37

Hamas Reaches Out to Rivals to Form Gov't Similarity: 0.36

3 days before.

Suicide bomber kills eight in Tel Aviv Similarity: 0.78

Olmert: 'We will know how to respond, we know what to do' Similarity: 0.37

2 days before.

Israel Considers Options After Bombing Similarity: 0.82

Babyface bomber kills 9 Similarity: 0.31

1 day before.

Hamas MPs barred from Jerusalem after suicide blast Similarity: 0.70

Group calls for UK suicide bombers Similarity: 0.35

4 days after.

Hamas Militants Clash With Gaza Gunmen Similarity: 0.32

Israel kills two Palestinians in Gaza Similarity: 0.42

5 days after.

Jordan: Militants Were Plotting Attack Similarity: 0.47

2 days after.

Palestinian president vetoes Hamas police Similarity: 0.39

Overnight TA club brawls wound youths Similarity: 0.34

1 day after.

Israel Preparing to Retake Gaza Strip Similarity: 0.39

Egypt invites Israeli PM to visit Similarity: 0.34

PA Ministry to Form Terrorist Army Similarity: 0.47

Israel may reoccupy Gaza Similarity: 0.34

Israel may reoccupy part of Gaza Similarity: 0.34

7 days after.

Israeli attack on Gaza kills one Similarity: 0.73

Hamas weighs proposals to ease isolation: officials Similarity: 0.36


Israel bereitet Offensive im Gazastreifen vor Similarity: 0.54


Israel prepara una ofensiva terrestre en la Franja de Gaza Similarity: 0.65


Governo Hamas istituisce forza speciale Similarity: 0.35


Israël bereidt offensief voor in Gazastrook Similarity: 0.53

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